All About Kangaroo As An Animal

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All About Kangaroo As An Animal
All About Kangaroo As An Animal

Video: All About Kangaroo As An Animal

Video: All About Kangaroo As An Animal
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Contrary to popular belief, kangaroos are far from the only marsupial animals. Modern science knows about 250 species of animals, the babies of which are born underdeveloped, after which they grow in the mother's pouch. However, only some kangaroos can be talked about for a very long time - these unique animals are so interesting.

Kangaroo - what are they?

Their name is associated with the word kanguroo (gangurru), which, according to legend, was once pronounced by Australian aborigines who spoke the Guuku Yimithir language. After this word was heard by James Cook, who landed on the shores of the green continent in 1770, this is how they began to denote strange animals.

The kangaroo family, according to the modern classification of animals, unites representatives of many genera, in particular, hare, striped, gigantic, arboreal, shrub, and even forest kangaroos. In addition, they include various wallabies and wallaras, which, like kangaroos, naturally live only in Australia.

Unique structural features

In addition to the fact that all animals belonging to the kangaroo family have a bag in which their cubs "ripen", they have another unique feature - they move only by jumping, while developing a good speed. In particular, the large red kangaroo, also known as the red giant kangaroo, which is the largest of all kangaroo species and the largest Australian mammal, is thus able to travel about 65 kilometers in an hour. The duration of one jump of this energetic animal, as evidenced by zoologists, can reach nine meters.

An interesting feature of kangaroos is that they do not know how to back up. Thanks to this unique quality, they even got on the state Australian coat of arms, becoming a kind of symbol of the country: "Always go only forward!"

However, there are cases when kangaroos in one jump could overcome up to 12 meters, on average, their speed of movement is usually about 40-50 kilometers per hour. This is facilitated by the elastic Achilles tendons, which work in the process of running or jumping according to the principle of springs.

Kangaroo's tail deserves special mention - usually quite long and thick. With its help, these amazing animals can not only jump (the tail at this moment is a balance bar), but also stand - animals can use it as additional support, resting after jumping or running.

Kangaroo lifestyle

Kangaroos are most active at night, as well as during twilight, while during the day they prefer to rest in their grass nests or burrows. According to zoologists, kangaroos, as a rule, form small groups, which include a male and several females, as well as kangaroo babies growing up in their bags.

Unfortunately, scientists are sounding the alarm: the number of some species of kangaroo in recent years has been rapidly declining under the influence of various factors. By now, some of the species of these unique animals have already disappeared from the face of the earth - they were completely exterminated because of their valuable meat and fur. However, on the other hand, representatives of the most common species often spoil Australian and New Zealand pastures, while simultaneously destroying crops.

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