Is It Possible To Trim Cats

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Is It Possible To Trim Cats
Is It Possible To Trim Cats

Video: Is It Possible To Trim Cats

Video: Is It Possible To Trim Cats
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You can cut cats, but not every animal needs it. Cats of fluffy long-haired breeds of Kurilian Bobtail, Neva Masquerade, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siberian, Turkish Angora, Persian, Ragdoll and others need a regular haircut.

Is it possible to trim cats
Is it possible to trim cats

Why a haircut for a cat

Cats are distinguished by their cleanliness. They lick their fur several times every day. If the cat is smooth-haired with a small undercoat, such hygiene procedures do not harm her at all. But fluffy cats, licking themselves, swallow wool, which in the stomach gets knotted. This often leads to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and sometimes to death.

Fluffy cats are recommended to have a hygienic haircut. In the warm season, especially in the hot summer, such a haircut is simply necessary. If your cat has several wool mats, it is better not to cut them separately, but to cut the animal evenly. Also, shortening the hair of the cat will help remove parasites and cure dermatitis.

A hygienic haircut can be done in any veterinary clinic, there are professional clippers for this. But it is more profitable for the owner of a fluffy pet to buy such a device and learn how to cut the cat himself. For a comfortable life of an animal with long hair, you need at least 3 mm.

If it is recommended by veterinarians for the treatment of any disease, only 1-2 mm of hair may be left. But in no case should you cut cats with scissors, since the delicate skin of the animal is very easy to injure.

Model haircuts for cats

Model haircuts are not absolutely necessary for the animals themselves, but the owners of stylish ultra-fashionable pets really like them. The most popular and simple haircuts for cats:

"A lion". This haircut is essentially hygienic, as most often cats flaunt in the image of the king of animals in hot summer to avoid diaper rash. Strange, but cats in a lion's form do not look regal, but funny. The animals themselves behave depressed after shearing, it is felt that they are uncomfortable.

"Puma" is a more natural haircut for a cat than "Lion". The hair on the body of the animal is cut evenly, a beautiful smooth "sheepskin coat" is obtained. The tail, if there are no tangles on it, do not touch. It is on the tail that you can make a creative haircut - "herringbone", "broom", "pigtail", "zigzag" and others.

Household grooming rules for cats

If you decide to make a haircut for your pet at home, get a special machine, do not use ordinary scissors. A calm cat - a lover of various procedures, can be safely cut without first filing its claws. It is better to "disarm" a nervous animal - to invite an assistant to keep the cat's paws neatly.

You may need a special collar that protects the owner from bites, and the cat from injury. If the cat is very nervous, give her a pet sedative. Take your time and cut your pet calmly, without shouts and sudden movements.

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