How To Choose A Nickname For A Cat

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How To Choose A Nickname For A Cat
How To Choose A Nickname For A Cat

Video: How To Choose A Nickname For A Cat

Video: How To Choose A Nickname For A Cat
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The choice of a name for a cat is no less important than the choice of a name for a person. In families, heated arguments sometimes flare up about this. It is necessary to choose a nickname for an aristocrat cat taking into account many factors.

How to choose a nickname for a cat
How to choose a nickname for a cat


Step 1

You should not get carried away with too lush names for pets - you yourself can get tired, pronouncing the nickname and calling the cat many times a day. Cats remember their name faster if it contains the sound "s" or hissing. The nickname must be chosen in one short word, a couple of syllables long enough. This even applies to those cats that will participate in exhibitions.

Step 2

A cat with a magnificent pedigree, which is planned to be exhibited, you will receive with a ready-made name, which depends on the serial number of the litter of his mother. The name may also depend on the name of the cattery in which the kitten was born. But you can easily shorten his nickname and make Beatrissa-Lionella de Vendington-Nagel just Basia.

Step 3

Choose a name that will carry some kind of semantic load - reflect the external features, demeanor or character traits of the animal. A lover of sleep and soak up the pillows, you can give the nickname Sonya, the one that rushes to bite on all moving objects - Kusya, the purr-cat can quite become Murzik, and the fluffy snow-white handsome - Snow or Fluff.

Step 4

Choose a nickname for your cat depending on its color. A black cat can have a strict name: Blackie, Mister, Marquis, Frank, a red cat may well be a traditional Ginger and an Anglicized Peach.

Step 5

For cats and cats that have a "nationality", you can choose a nickname in accordance with it. The English names are organically perceived - Thomas, Michael, Betsy, Louise or Paulie, which are given to the "British". They are quite adaptable in Russian into diminutive. The same applies to the "Persians" - something like Leila, Ali, Murza will do.

Step 6

Owners of exotic breeds will have to strain their imagination. Sphinxes also deserve more pretentious nicknames, for them names from the pantheon of Egyptian gods will do: Osiris, Astarte, Isis, Amon. With an oriental bias, name the "Siamese" or Thai cat - Aisha or Musti.

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