What Are The Standards For The Chihuahua Breed

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What Are The Standards For The Chihuahua Breed
What Are The Standards For The Chihuahua Breed

Video: What Are The Standards For The Chihuahua Breed

Video: What Are The Standards For The Chihuahua Breed
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Chihuahuas are miniature companion dogs. The breed, like others, has standards and characteristics. Chihuahuas are recognized as the smallest dogs in the world and were bred in Mexico.

What are the standards for the Chihuahua breed
What are the standards for the Chihuahua breed


Step 1

Body. The Chihuahua is characterized by a square body, but in bitches the breed standard provides for a slight lengthening of the body. A dog of the breed must have a compact build. The body must be slightly elongated in relation to the height at the withers.

Step 2

Head. It should be strongly rounded and apple-shaped. The head should be without fontanelle, but slight is allowed. The ears are erect, wider at the base, slightly narrower and rounded towards the edge. The transition from forehead to muzzle in the breed is clearly pronounced, this is due to the strong rounding of the first. The Chihuahua's muzzle is short, wider at the base and narrowed towards the nose.

Step 3

Lips should be pressed together, dry. The Chihuahua's eyes are large and round by the standard, but not protruding. They are dark, but light is also possible. The bite of this breed is either scissor or straight.

Step 4

Neck. The upper part of the Chihuahua dog's neck should be slightly arched. It is less bulky in bitches than in males.

Step 5

Chest. In a Chihuahua dog, it has a deep and wide shape, the ribs are rounded. The chest reaches the elbows, but the shape of the barrel is unacceptable.

Step 6

Croup. It is wide, almost flat. It should have a slight slope. The bottom line is represented by a tucked up belly. The back of a Chihuahua dog should be short and strong, the loin should be muscular.

Step 7

Tail. Particular attention is paid to this part of the dog's body. It should be high-standing, even, not very long. The tail should be in a standing position when moving the dog.

Step 8

Paws. The front legs of the dog are straight, with the elbows they form a clear line. The hindquarters are well developed and muscled. Their arrangement is vertical and parallel to each other. Chihuahua's feet are small and oval in shape. The toes should be well spaced, but not too far apart. Chihuahua paw pads have good development and elasticity. Dewclaws according to the standard are subject to removal, except in countries where this is prohibited by law.

Step 9

Wool. In this breed, two types are allowed. Smooth-haired (short-haired). In this version, the coat is short, tight to the body. It should have a healthy sheen and softness.

Long-haired. In texture, it should be soft and silky, and also be straight, but waviness is allowed. On the ears, neck, legs and tail, the hair is feathered and slightly longer than on the rest of the body. The color can be any.

Step 10

Weight. This is another of the most important elements of the breed standard. The weight of a dog of this breed should be in the range from one and a half to three kilograms, but let's say from five hundred grams to one and a half kilograms.

Step 11

A Chihuahua dog should be brave in character, have attentiveness and agility.

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