How To Cut A Kitten's Claws

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How To Cut A Kitten's Claws
How To Cut A Kitten's Claws

Video: How To Cut A Kitten's Claws

Video: How To Cut A Kitten's Claws
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If you have a kitten, then either scratched furniture and ripped wallpaper have already become a common thing for your home, or you are waiting in fear when your pet's claws will grow up and he will begin to try everything around that he finds in the apartment. But is it worth trimming kittens' claws?

How to cut a kitten's claws
How to cut a kitten's claws


Step 1

Many owners of cats and cats with experience believe that there is no particular need for a four-legged pet to trim the claws. A widespread opinion is that an adult cat (cat) will grind off its claws in the process of walking. Thus, the claws need to be shortened only when they grow strongly and cause discomfort to the animal.

Step 2

Therefore, pay attention to your four-legged pet: how long his claws are, whether they interfere with his movement. By constantly moving, the kitten can really erase its claws. Another thing is that kittens, unlike adults, are not so active or are in an active phase occasionally.

Step 3

Guillotine clippers are the most suitable tool for clipping kittens' claws. This little thing is sold today in almost all major pet stores. In addition to wire cutters, it will be nice to have cosmetic files on hand.

Step 4

You can trim the claws of a kitten alone. The very process of clipping the claws for the animal is painless. The main thing is not to cut the claw very deeply to the base - so there is a risk of injury to the cat.

Step 5

At the same time, when grooming adult cats, it is advised to remove the nail shallowly, a small part. This is also true for kittens, with the only addition that kittens' claws (even grown ones) are much smaller than those of adult animals, therefore, they must be cut very carefully, without risking to touch the blood vessels inside the claw.

Step 6

The procedure itself is very simple. Perhaps the most difficult moment is getting the kitten to release its claws. To do this, move the skin over the claw with the thumb of the hand, and press the bottom of the paw with the index finger from below.

Step 7

The claw is only cut perpendicularly. Do not make any oblique or diagonal cuts! Firstly, you can touch the vessel inside, and, secondly, the claw can grow back incorrectly, which will lead to various unpleasant consequences.

Step 8

Finishing work on the "pedicure" of your baby, go over the claws also with a file. It would be nice to do a little disinfection by treating the claws with hydrogen peroxide.

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