What Antibiotic Can Be Given To Cats

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What Antibiotic Can Be Given To Cats
What Antibiotic Can Be Given To Cats

Video: What Antibiotic Can Be Given To Cats

Video: What Antibiotic Can Be Given To Cats
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Antibiotics are used to treat and prevent the growth of various types of bacteria. For animals, special preparations of this group have been developed, which differ significantly from analogs used for the treatment of humans.

Sick cat
Sick cat

Antibiotics are very strong targeted drugs that should never be taken without the supervision of a medical specialist, and even more so, self-medicate with them. This rule applies to both humans and animals. Antibacterial and antiviral agents can bring recovery, but they can also cause irreparable harm to health and even lead to death, if they are chosen incorrectly or the wrong dosage is prescribed. The fact is that certain types of viruses and bacteria are able to resist some types of drugs and die from others. Cats are prescribed treatment only after being examined by a veterinarian and determining the type and origin of the inflammatory disease.

What diseases are antibiotics prescribed for cats?

Preparations from the group of antibiotics are prescribed to animals, including cats, for certain diseases.

Indications for this type of treatment are various purulent and inflammatory processes resulting from injuries, for example, bruises, lacerated wounds of the skin and muscle tissues, postoperative sutures or in places of bites by other animals.

Parasitic infections and gastrointestinal problems also require treatment with antibiotics.

Postpartum injuries of the uterus and genitals are often accompanied by infectious inflammatory processes that require an antibacterial course of treatment.

Purulent and inflammatory processes on the mucous membranes of the eyes or mouth, ear and dental diseases, respiratory and colds in cats are also treated with antibiotics.

What antibiotics are prescribed for cats

Antibiotics for the treatment of cats are produced in various forms - in the form of tablets, powders, suspensions, syrups or solution for injection, but always marked "for veterinary use." The choice of the form of the drug depends on the type of disease, the severity of its course, the weight of the animal and even its breed.

For the treatment of various forms of pulmonary diseases, colds or viral infections, veterinarians usually prescribe antibiotics such as Gentamicin, Amoxicillin, Amoxiclav.

In inflammatory processes occurring in the genitourinary system, the gastrointestinal tract, "Enorofloxacin" or "Clavulanate" is used.

Infection with various types of parasites, muscle tissue and skin infections require a course of treatment with Terramycin or, for example, Azithromycin.

It is almost impossible to list all the antibiotics that are used to treat cats, as well as all possible diseases. Only a qualified veterinarian can make the right choice of the drug and its dosage. It is very important to remember this and not even try to treat the animal without consulting your veterinarian.

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