What Birds Are Known For Beautiful Singing

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What Birds Are Known For Beautiful Singing
What Birds Are Known For Beautiful Singing

Video: What Birds Are Known For Beautiful Singing

Video: What Birds Are Known For Beautiful Singing
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About 8600 species of all kinds of birds live around the world. Among them there is a special group of birds - songbirds. Their vocal abilities are manifested due to the special anatomical structure of the vocal apparatus. The most popular "singers" are the nightingale, lark, starling and oriole.

Nightingale trills are a real balm for the soul
Nightingale trills are a real balm for the soul


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This bird is popularly recognized as the most vociferous bird in the world. The trills of the nightingale stand out loudly from the singing of the rest of the birds. These creatures are rightfully considered to be skillful feathered singers. Nightingales sing day and night. Their evening "concerts" are generally worthy of special praise! Often people deliberately walk through parks, squares and even through the forest in the evenings to enjoy the trills of these sweet-voiced "Orpheus". It is curious that not all nightingales are excellent performers of their trills. Among them there are both true masters of their craft and very mediocre performers. This is because vocal prowess is not an innate trait of this bird species. Young birds acquire singing talent only when they are taught to do so by other birds.

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Larks sing beautifully, but a little strange. The fact is that it is almost impossible to hear a lark sitting in a tree. Their singing is necessarily accompanied by flight: the bird flies up and begins to sing. The higher the lark soars, the louder its singing. When the bird descends, its singing is abrupt. Already 20 meters from the ground, the lark completely stops talking. If the bird soars into the sky again, then the singing begins anew. It's funny that only males of larks own vocal skills. Females at this time just sit on the ground and listen to their gentlemen. Already in the second half of summer, the lark is not heard or seen.

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These birds are unique singers. Why unique? The fact is that starlings have a fairly wide range of sounds that allow them to imitate: these birds can copy cat meows, frogs croaking, glass rattling, typewriter sound and other noises. Starlings are true thoroughbreds. It costs them nothing to copy the singing of this or that bird. For example, starlings, upon returning home after wintering, arrange a whole "potpourri" of melodies borrowed from South African birds, and starlings living in Central Asia and on the territory of Kazakhstan easily imitate the bleating of old sheep, dogs barking, and the clicking of a whip.

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These birds are also called "forest flutes". It is believed that the oriole is not only one of the most beautiful birds in the world, but also the best songwriter of the Russian forests after the nightingale. The orioles' trills are like skillful flute playing. It is almost impossible to discern this "singer" - she almost never appears in dense foliage, hiding from prying eyes. Such is a modest bird! It's funny that sometimes the sounds of a sweet-voiced oriole turn into some wild cat screams. This is a completely normal phenomenon: the unpleasant cries emitted by these birds are a battle cry warning their relatives about the danger.

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