Why Do Cats Shit At Home

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Why Do Cats Shit At Home
Why Do Cats Shit At Home

Video: Why Do Cats Shit At Home

Video: Why Do Cats Shit At Home
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A cat in the house is always cute and beautiful. However, some owners of these creatures are faced with a common problem: their furry pets begin to shit in the house in all corners. Screaming and physical abuse of a cat will not save the situation. First you need to understand why your pet is doing this. Only then can one or another measure be taken.

The reasons why cats shit in the house can be very different
The reasons why cats shit in the house can be very different

The cat shits in the house. What to do?

Solving this problem is not easy, especially if the cat is already sexually mature. To do this, the owner of the animal will have to make every effort: you need to carefully monitor your pet and, if necessary, take it to the veterinarian. If you can't wean a cat from shitting in the wrong place, then it is recommended to purchase special sprays to scare away the animal. They are sold at pet stores.

There is no need to shout at the cat, much less beat him. This grief cannot be helped. It is necessary to remember that the "root of evil" is some kind of problem that the cat wants to talk about in such a peculiar way. Usually, if cats start to shit anywhere, then they are simply not satisfied with or worried about something. That is why you need to be patient and understand the reasons for this behavior of your pet. So why do cats shit anywhere?

The cat associates the tray with pain

Veterinarians say that this is the most common reason why cats shit in the wrong places. It's simple: the cat has difficulty urinating or defecating, and, thinking that his tray is to blame, begins to look for other places for its natural needs. The causes of painful sensations can be different: the cat suffers from constipation, he has worms, he has urolithiasis, etc. In any case, you need to contact your veterinarian.

Incorrect position of the tray

Since ancient times, cats have been famous for their difficult character: some cats do not like the location of their litter box, so they are looking for a new "toilet". For example, cats hate it when their litter box is next to their bowl, because they know perfectly well that they need to fulfill their needs away from the feeding place.

Often, something can fall on cats, peeing in a litter box, or they are disturbed by children at this moment. All these external factors frighten the animal, forcing it to look for another place for itself. In addition, cats hate having their litter box in a crowded place. The solution to the problem is to move the tray to a secluded and peaceful place.

The cat doesn't like the tray

Sometimes it happens! If the litter box does not suit the pet, then he will begin to shit throughout the apartment. Cats may not be happy with the size and smell of their "toilet". Fortunately, replacing the tray solves this problem. The new tray is selected according to certain parameters: the tray should be 1.5 times longer than the cat itself, so that it can unfold freely in it.

In addition, cats may not like the smell of detergents or the smell of the plastic from which the tray is made. Cats' sense of smell is many times greater than that of humans, so cleaning the litter box should be done with a minimum amount of cleaning agents. Sometimes cats are not satisfied with the pungent smell of the filler. In this case, you need to change it more often. More on this later.

The cat doesn't like litter for the litter box

Some cat litter manufacturers don't think about the comfort of the cats themselves. For example, poor-quality litter can emit a pungent odor, which will scare the cat away, or even get wet, irritating the paws of the animal. All this leads to discomfort for the pet, and therefore to the search for a new place for urination and defecation. Solution to the problem: a high-quality and convenient new one is gradually poured into the old filler, until the cat gets used to it at all.

The cat marks the territory in the house

This is one of the most common reasons for this feline behavior. Cats are reluctant predators, they use urine or feces for their marks. Cats can mark their "territory" in cases when another animal, a child, or a cat simply begins to doubt something in the house. To solve this problem, you need to calm your pet with caress and sedative zoos.

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