Is It Worth Getting A Dog - Pomeranian

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Is It Worth Getting A Dog - Pomeranian
Is It Worth Getting A Dog - Pomeranian

Video: Is It Worth Getting A Dog - Pomeranian

Video: Is It Worth Getting A Dog - Pomeranian
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The Pomeranian is definitely a very attractive breed. This dog captivates with its radiant smile, thick, beautiful coat, playful behavior. However, before you get a Pomeranian and a dog in general, it is important from the very beginning to correctly place accents, to weigh the pros and cons.

Pomeranian dog breed
Pomeranian dog breed

Getting a dog seems to be easier. It can be taken from the street, from a shelter, by hand, or bought from a breeder. Everyone chooses for himself the most optimal and desirable option.

However, when it comes to living beings, it is important to give yourself time to think well, to analyze the motives of your desires and expectations.

A dog is a friend of man. This animal is social, which means that it needs to be given time and energy. It's so easy to settle a doggie in a house / apartment, limiting itself to feeding and taking him for walks, will not work.

It is necessary to communicate with him, it is important to deal with him.

The dog needs frequent attention of the owners. Many of its representatives, including the Pomeranian, do not tolerate loneliness.

The dog is educated and trained without fail. Here we are not talking about preparation for performing circus tricks, but about elementary skills and habits that must be formed in the dog from childhood.

Therefore, before giving a positive answer to the question ", it is important to adequately assess your financial capabilities, availability of free time; consult with the household, if necessary, then agree in advance with them on the distribution of responsibilities.

There is nothing worse than doing something in a fit of feelings, under the influence of mood and the impression of novelty.

This is especially clearly seen with the Pomeranian Spitz dog: few can resist the face, beady eyes, the general appearance of a dog that looks like a bear cub or a fluffy fox cub.

Should you have a dog - Pomeranian (3)
Should you have a dog - Pomeranian (3)

In almost everyone, the Pomeranian spitz causes a surge of emotion and admiration. And this is where you need to say to yourself ". And then - "Se".

Just enthusiasm alone, which, by the way, can exhaust itself within a month, will not go far. You need to prepare in advance.

First, in theory:

  • collect more information about the breed; learn about its advantages and disadvantages, genetic diseases;
  • if possible, talk to people who already have a dog;
  • decide how and what to feed your pet - dry food or natural food;
  • visit thematic forums on the Internet dedicated to the breed.

In general, the more knowledge is gained, the more the desire to get a dog will become.

Should you have a dog?
Should you have a dog?

Theoretical training speaks, first of all, about the seriousness of the intention - to take responsibility for the future family member.

Is it worth getting a Pomeranian - the material side of the issue

The high cost of keeping a Pomeranian is, as a rule, greatly exaggerated. However, the pet, of course, will require financial costs.

- food, which will become the basis of the diet, dentological treats, treats for training, with natural feeding - vitamin and mineral supplements.

- vaccinations and examinations at the veterinarian, if necessary, treatment.

- hygiene products: for hair care - combs (comb and massage brush, or instead of a brush - a slicker), shampoo (preferably two - dry and liquid). For clipping nails - special scissors. For oral cavity care - a toothbrush and a special paste. Eye lotion may also be needed: Spitz often have increased lacrimation.

- diapers. At first, the puppy will pee a little need on them - until he is accustomed to the litter box or to going to the toilet on the street. He will most likely begin to satisfy a need on a large scale anywhere, or he will choose some permanent place for this.

- toys: basic set - rubber ball, rope, soft rag toy. In general, the more toys the better. The main thing is not to give them all at once. First, let the Spitz play with some toys, then they need to be removed and given to others.

- equipment: collar and leash, muzzle in case you need to wean the dog from annoying barking, as well as from picking up anything on the street. As for the wardrobe, the Spitz does not need clothes. His best and most beautiful clothes are. Of the clothes, you may only need a jumpsuit. It is worn when there is mud on the street so that the spitz does not stain his coat, or a severe frost.

Pomeranian in overalls
Pomeranian in overalls

- carrying. You will definitely need it if you are planning to travel with the dog, if the dog needs to be taken somewhere, for example, to a veterinary clinic, a grooming salon, etc.

… You can sew it yourself from scrap materials or adapt it to the dog's personal place - a blanket, some kind of bedding.

Interaction with a Pomeranian dog

As mentioned above, communication with a dog is the most important aspect of its maintenance. You need to be prepared for the fact that this one will become your companion for many years.

Pomeranian - is it worth getting a dog
Pomeranian - is it worth getting a dog


  1. Joint games - at home and on the street: the Pomeranian is very active: he needs to run, jump, gnaw, fool around.
  2. Conversations - you need to talk to the dog: it must be the voice of the owner, learn to distinguish its timbre, understand what severity and tenderness are.
  3. Training - activities that develop unquestioning obedience. This is necessary for normal coexistence with the dog, the peace of the surrounding people, the preservation of property - furniture, clothes, shoes.

The upbringing of the Pomeranian is based on encouragement and punishment.

Dwarf (Pomeranian) Spitz dogs
Dwarf (Pomeranian) Spitz dogs

screaming, swearing, hitting, everything that can bring pain to the dog, become a source of severe fright, stress.

Encouragement is expressed by verbal praise, stroking, snacks. And the punishment is disregard, stern voice, refusal to play.

The upbringing of the Pomeranian is:

  • patience;
  • orderliness;
  • regularity.

Without daily communication with the dog, it will not be possible to achieve and consolidate a positive result.

An uncontrollable dog, cowardly or aggressive, is the owner's fault. Consequently, it depends only on the owner and the correct building of relations with the pet what it will be like, what qualities in its character and behavior will become dominant.

Therefore, everyone who seriously thinks about whether it is worth getting a Pomeranian should be prepared that he will have to pay a lot of attention, especially during his puppyhood, having weighed everything in advance from such a neighborhood.

The main thing to remember is that any dog, even the smallest, is a dog, not a toy or a cushion. With her, she lives by the laws of the pack.

The owner's task is to become a loving, patient and caring leader for the dog.

With this approach, life with a dog will be truly comfortable and joyful!

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