How To Learn To Speak Feline

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How To Learn To Speak Feline
How To Learn To Speak Feline

Video: How To Learn To Speak Feline

Video: How To Learn To Speak Feline
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Most of the owners of cats are sure that their pet understands everything, just cannot say. In fact, she speaks, speaks constantly, but in her own language. If you learn to understand it and transmit certain signals on it, this will make communication with your darling deeper and more harmonious.

How to learn to speak feline
How to learn to speak feline


Step 1

Find out about the sympathy and goodwill of your pet by the contented "smiling" face, the purring that starts at your approach, rubbing your forehead about you. Express your love for the cat in the same way: smile, say something affectionate in a low voice, stroke the cat's forehead. You can be sure that your pet will understand you correctly.

Step 2

Recognize interest, curiosity by the raised ears of the cat, gaze, muzzle extended towards the object, animal or person that interested her. You can express interest in your cat by sniffing at your pet's face.

Step 3

Learn to understand your pet's bad mood and resentment. The main indicator in this matter is the tail. If the cat "wags" it, this is a sign of beginning irritation. At this moment, it is better not to stroke her, limit yourself to calm, benevolent words, the intonation of which will have a pacifying effect on the cat. The extreme degree of feline anger is expressed by the tail with which the cat slaps on the floor. At the same time, she, as a rule, sits backwards or in a half-turn towards a person or an animal - a source of negative emotions. If you try to touch an animal at such a moment, sharp teeth or claws will instantly snap into your hand. Then the cat will jump to the side.

Step 4

When making eye contact with your pet, avoid direct, unblinking gaze. It is tantamount to a threat. In order not to create tension, squint slightly and blink 2-3 times. “Everything is fine,” the cat will say in turn, closing its eyes.

Step 5

Know how to recognize signs of trust on the part of a cat. A cat shows the deepest degree of affection for a person by opening its abdomen and allowing it to be stroked. Sometimes she can, turning over on her back and closing her eyes, invitingly "purr", as if saying "Stroke me!". During stroking, all the muscles of the animal's body are relaxed, the muzzle expresses bliss. You should not try to touch the cat's abdomen without an invitation unless you want to run into a furious attack of sharp claws.

Step 6

When you want to get your pet to perform certain actions, say the command out loud, for example, "Murka, bring the newspaper!" or "Ginger, catch the mouse!" Then clearly visualize the animal doing what you asked it to do. Many scientists who study the behavior of cats are confident that they can capture information through telepathic communication. The mental image that has arisen in the owner's head is transmitted to his pet, and often cats really do fulfill the owners' requests, unless, of course, this is in conflict with their independent character.

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