What Can You Call A Tabby Cat

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What Can You Call A Tabby Cat
What Can You Call A Tabby Cat

Video: What Can You Call A Tabby Cat

Video: What Can You Call A Tabby Cat
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Do you want to give your pet a majestic, humorous or kind nickname? Choose a name for a tabby cat, based not only on your own eccentricity, but also on the character, physique and color characteristics of the animal.

Striped cat
Striped cat


Step 1

The most common nickname for a tabby cat is Matroskin. Paraphrase Matroskin as Matraskin or Telnyashkin - you get a perky and original nickname. Nicknames "a la surnames" on the theme of striping sound in a familiar way and are especially suitable for affectionate cats that appreciate their owners. Such names can be: Polosatych, Poloskin, Pal-Polosych, Matrosych or even Tigridze.

Step 2

Since the sea and the vest are some of the most common associations with stripes, fantasize about these themes. Apt and understandable cat nicknames: Jung, Captain, Pirate, Liner, Sailor, Cock, Steering wheel, Sailor, Rybak and Vest. Kilvater, Storm, Calm, Wolf are extravagant and original names for the most prominent representatives of their breed.

Step 3

Nicknames-names of animals and referring to them sound cute and cute. If your cat is nimble and active, you can call him Bumblebee, Drone or Buzz. The nicknames Beetle, Beetle, Snake, Snake are suitable for an agile cat with a moderate temperament and good disposition. Since the stripes can be very different - wide and narrow, blurry and bright, you can choose a nickname based on the texture of the animal's fur. Zebra, Lynx, Lynx, Tiger, Tiger, Badger, Chipmunk, Raccoon are suitable for cats with appropriate stripe patterns and a certain color scheme of wool.

Step 4

Those with a sense of humor may risk giving the cat the nickname Wand, Stocking, Sock, Mattress, Tie, Rail or Boniface. A fat, lazy and gluttonous cat can be called Watermelon or Garmelon. Skinny, elongated and nimble - Barrier, Zucchini or Zucchini.

Step 5

Since tabby cats are the classic favorites of children's writers and directors, why not call them a good recognizable name, like from an old book? Nicknames Vaska, Boris, Murzik, Murka and Masha are cute and familiar, and are now experiencing a second wave of popularity.

Step 6

The striped cat color sometimes resembles a prison uniform - that's the reason to look for the name of the pet in this area. For a prankster cat and a bully, the nicknames Bandit, Zek, Experienced, Bully, Fraer or Obormot are suitable.

Step 7

It happens that the cat's stripes are so carefully traced that it seems as if the animal is dressed up in a stylish suit made of expensive fabric. The fashionable image of such pets can be emphasized by calling the Dude, Dandy, Dandy, Dandy or Dandy. The names of popular handsome stars, for example, James Bond, Brad, Cruz, Yudashkin, Zaitsev, Dior, Armani or Ostap Bender, are also very useful here.

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