How To Tie The Ears On A Horse

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How To Tie The Ears On A Horse
How To Tie The Ears On A Horse

Video: How To Tie The Ears On A Horse

Video: How To Tie The Ears On A Horse
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Any horse will need a hat - not only to protect the ears from the cold, but also to protect against flies and horseflies, the scorching sun, loud sounds and screams. You can tie the ears on a horse yourself, you just need to set aside time for this and learn how to use a crochet or knitting needles.

How to tie the ears on a horse
How to tie the ears on a horse

It is necessary

  • - threads;
  • - hooks;
  • - tape measure.


Step 1

Choose the appropriate crochet thread and crochet hook. For a summer hat, buy shiny cotton threads or beautiful synthetics. Make warm acrylic ears for the winter. Keep in mind that the animal often sweats, so a knitted horse hat should survive more than one wash (especially light shades).

Step 2

In order to tie the ears, you will need knowledge of some notation. Learn how crochet, single crochet, chain stitches, and curvy stitches work

Step 3

Measure the distance between the outer edges of the ears and dial the number of loops corresponding to this distance (you can first measure the number of loops in one centimeter on the sample). Knit several rows with crochet stitches so that it comes out about 5 - 6 cm. Add a row with a lush stitch to decorate. For a summer hat, openwork patterns are suitable, and for a winter one, prefer a dense knit

Step 4

Tie a triangle or semicircle, while measuring the distance to the horse's eyes so as not to make it too long (otherwise it will go into the eyes and get in the way). Here you can also choose an openwork or dense pattern, depending on your desire.

Step 5

Separately tie a strip that will be located behind the ears, its length should be about 40-45 cm and a width of 5-6 cm. Then continue to knit in the middle of the strip, leaving a length equal to the distance between the ears of the horse. Knit with the same knit 8-9 cm

Step 6

Sew both parts together from the wrong side so that the seam is not visible. Sew on the part that will be located between the ears first, making sure that it is in the center of the first part. Then, to the ends of the first one, they sew the horizontal part of the second (not the ends!) So that the corners coincided.

Step 7

Decorate the beanie with fringes along the front edge of the triangle, but don't make it too long to keep it out of your eyes.

Step 8

Tie the ears. To do this, measure the length and width of the ears, dial the number of loops corresponding to the girth of the ear or the length of the hole obtained in the cap. Knit in a circle, gradually reducing the number of loops. It is very important to tie the second eyelet in exactly the same way, so write down how many stitches you cut in which row. If you can't knit neatly, just sew these parts from the fabric. Sew them to the cap.

Step 9

Tie the strips and sew them at the junction of the two parts, tie them under the horse's neck so that the cap does not fall off.

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