How To Name A Pekingese Dog

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How To Name A Pekingese Dog
How To Name A Pekingese Dog

Video: How To Name A Pekingese Dog

Video: How To Name A Pekingese Dog

Sometimes the choice of a nickname for a pet can become a problem for the owners - they want to come up with some suitable name, but the imagination has completely dried up. And while large breeds of dogs can choose a loud, frightening name that matches their size and appearance, then for small lap dogs, such as the Pekingese, they often choose simple and cute nicknames.

How to name a Pekingese dog
How to name a Pekingese dog


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In cases where it is difficult to independently come up with a nickname for a dog, you can recall the names of four-legged heroes of some films or cartoons.

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For example, in the famous Russian film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" the Pekingese was called Chapa. Such a nickname is well suited for any sex of the animal - in the film, a boy was called Chapa, but this nickname can also be given to a Pekingese girl.

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From simple nicknames one can recall the name Avva - that was the name of Doctor Aibolit's dog from the movie “Aibolit - 66”.

Step 4

You can also name your Pekingese named Balt go Bolto, after the hero dog. This dog saved the inhabitants of Alaska from the epidemic. Together with other dogs, he drove a team with a vaccine to one city, but then all the dogs died and the owner tied the vaccine to Balt's collar, since he himself was not able to go further. Balthus brought the vaccine to the city, and then in a blizzard brought people to his master, thanks to which the owner was saved.

Step 5

You can also name your pet Bim, in honor of another faithful dog, the hero of the well-known movie "White Bim Black Ear".

Step 6

The nickname of another loyal dog has also become famous. A dog named Fido for 14 years came to the station and waited for his master, who had already died by that time. They even erected a monument to this dog at the very station where he constantly came.

Step 7

You can remember many more nicknames of well-known dogs: such as Filya, Totoshka, Kashtanka, Hooch, Cherry, Blot, Bimbo, etc. When choosing a name for a Pekingese, pay attention to the habits of your pet and then it will be easier for you to understand which nickname is better to choose.

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