10 Dog Breeds Most Often Found On The Street Or In A Shelter

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10 Dog Breeds Most Often Found On The Street Or In A Shelter
10 Dog Breeds Most Often Found On The Street Or In A Shelter

Video: 10 Dog Breeds Most Often Found On The Street Or In A Shelter

Video: 10 Dog Breeds Most Often Found On The Street Or In A Shelter
Video: These Are 10 Dog Breeds Most Often Found in Shelters 2023, March

Russian shelters are often full of yard animals without a specific breed, but in the USA and European countries, every third dog is purebred.

Animal shelter
Animal shelter

The owners give their pets to shelters for various reasons: the birth of a child, moving, allergies, inability to cope with the nature of an active pet, and so on. But some breeds are much more likely to be betrayed by the owners, and this is due to the complex nature of the pet and the unwillingness of the owners to spend more time and effort on training the tailed beast.


This breed was originally developed for hunting. Beagles are very active, agile and restless dogs with loud barking. They regularly require intense physical activity, and not all future owners realize how difficult it is to cope with them in urban life.

Beagles also often break off the leash and run away in an unknown direction, it is not always possible to find them.

English bulldog

Bulldogs are excellent companions and loving family members, but not all owners are prepared for the health problems of this breed. English Bulldogs often suffer from eyelid loss, dichthyostasis, entropion, alopecia and a number of other diseases that rarely occur in other breeds. Females need the help of a veterinarian during childbirth, as they often cannot give birth due to the impressive size of the puppies.

Not all owners are ready to give a lot of money for the treatment of the dog, so English Bulldogs often end up in shelters.


Dachshund is a jumping dog. Turn away for a second, and she has already gnawed a hole in the couch, strangled the neighboring chickens and stole the sausage from the table. These are very active and curious dogs, which not everyone will be able to cope with. It is best to keep dachshunds in a private home so that they can unleash their endless energy.

Alas, many people start up dachshunds in apartments, naively believing that due to their small size they will get along well there.


After the release of the series "Game of Thrones", the general fashion for huskies began. Little fluffy lumps delighted everyone. But when the puppy grew up, it turned out that this is a huge dog that eats a lot, requires attention and daily training.

A few years later, huskies en masse found themselves in shelters. Unfortunately, when starting an animal, a person does not always think about whether he will be able to keep it.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are perceived by many as a toy or as an element of a stylish image, but in fact this is a living being that needs to be dealt with. Careless owners are sure that such small dogs do not need either education or training and are very surprised when a small, but very aggressive and uncontrollable dog grows out of cute lumps.

Due to the fault of the owners, Yorkshire Terriers quite often end up under the shelter.

Afghan Hound

One of the historical specializations of the Afghan hound is the theft of meat in bazaars, and this is due to the fact that they often steal food from the table, more often than others rummage through trash cans and bushes and get food poisoning.

Many owners complain about the learning disability of this breed and the difficulty of caring for their coat. It is for these reasons that there are more Afghan hounds in shelters than other breeds.

Bull terrier

Contrary to all rumors, Bull Terriers are very gentle and loyal dogs, they are able to endure while the children squeeze them, but it is very difficult to keep track of the boule on the street. Any other animal can cause aggression in the dog and provoke him to attack.

To prevent this from happening, the owner needs to deal with the pet every day, train and socialize it. But few people are ready to devote much time to this activity, which is why problems arise that lead to the fact that the animal ends up in a shelter.

Jack Russell Terrier

The little star of the movie "The Mask" is unusually active not only on the screen, but also in life. Representatives of this breed love the rules and are ready to follow them, but only if the owner strictly monitors their implementation. If today something is possible, but tomorrow it is impossible, then Jack Russell will not accept

A small oversight in upbringing and unpleasant surprises await the owners in the form of spoiled furniture, shoes and wallpaper. It is for this reason that little energizers find themselves homeless.


Pugs are very gentle and funny dogs, but at the same time they are very touchy and easy to take away. If you stop paying enough attention to the pug, then he can be offended and behave like a small child.

But this is not most often the reason that the owners refuse pugs, but their poor health. And also a tendency to obesity.

Chow Chow

Initially, the Chow Chow in China was bred for the sake of meat and wool, so the breed did not have close contact with humans. The state of affairs has changed, representatives of this breed began to be kept as pets, but they never learned to live with a person in perfect harmony.

Many who have a Chow Chow hope to find a loyal friend and family member in their person, but they are very disappointed when they see a wall of indifference. And after that they hand them over to shelters and choose more friendly dogs.

Unfortunately, people are often guided by emotions and impressions when choosing a dog, but not common sense. From this it often happens that animals are left homeless, loyal and defenseless.

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