False Pregnancy In Dogs

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False Pregnancy In Dogs
False Pregnancy In Dogs

Video: False Pregnancy In Dogs

Video: False Pregnancy In Dogs
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Dogs are prone to false pregnancies. In this case, the bitch behaves as if she were indeed pregnant. Distinguishing a false state from a true one is not so easy, sometimes you cannot do without contacting a veterinarian to clarify the situation.

False pregnancy
False pregnancy


Step 1

A few weeks after estrus, the dog may show the first signs of a false pregnancy - the nipples are poured, milk may even begin to come out of them. If you put a puppy under the female at this moment, she will mistake him for her cub and, ideally, can even feed it. To understand the cause of this condition, it is enough to remember that canines are gregarious animals. The main female has the priority right to reproduce in such a flock, while the rest must take care of the feeding of the offspring. So ordinary bitches become foster mothers for the puppies of the main female. But what in the wild can be a salvation for the entire canine family does not lead to anything good in domestic animals.

Step 2

As soon as you notice signs of false pregnancy in your dog, take all the necessary measures to alleviate the condition of the pet. The first step is to examine your dog's mammary glands. If they are full and swollen, remove the swelling with cool rubdowns. You can add a little apple cider vinegar to the water to wet the towel. Do not let your dog suck the milk if it does not stop trying, you may need to wear a plastic collar on it.

Step 3

Inspect the house and remove from free access all objects that the dog can mistake for puppies, squeaking toys are especially dangerous in this regard - their sound provokes the production of hormones that prolong a false pregnancy. Do not praise or pity the dog, so as not to indulge the maternal instinct that has overpowered it.

Step 4

Try to distract the animal by taking it for a walk as often as possible, preferably in unfamiliar places, so that new experiences, if possible, completely overshadow the old sensations.

Step 5

Start feeding small portions, and try to avoid foods that separate milk, such as cottage cheese or warm broth.

Step 6

If home measures help only weakly, you will have to consult a doctor so that he prescribes drugs to stop a false pregnancy. This condition is not only unpleasant for the bitch herself and her environment, but is also fraught with pyometra, a purulent inflammation of the uterine cavity that threatens the health and even the life of the dog.

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