How To Teach Your Dog To Write

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How To Teach Your Dog To Write
How To Teach Your Dog To Write

Video: How To Teach Your Dog To Write

Video: How To Teach Your Dog To Write
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You are thinking about purchasing a puppy. And there and then many questions arise before you. In addition to such questions as what breed to choose a dog, how to look after, how to feed, how to train … a novice dog breeder always has a question: how to teach a dog to write on the street (or at home in a designated place).

How to teach your dog to write
How to teach your dog to write

It is necessary

Newspapers, rags, disposable waterproof nappies for animals, patience, a special tray for dogs (sometimes with poles for dogs) or a cat's tray, a cage or aviary


Step 1

Before you train your puppy to cope on the street, give him a full course of vaccinations, only after that you can take the puppy out for a walk. In the meantime, your baby is at home in quarantine, then he will also recover at home. Agree, it is not pleasant when puddles and heaps will appear throughout the apartment. Therefore, it is better to immediately teach the dog to write in a specially designated place for this. Keep your baby under constant supervision for the first few days.

Step 2

Determine a place in the apartment where it would be convenient for you to place the dog's toilet.

Prepare something absorbent, such as newspaper or cloths. Now, in a wide range of pet stores sell absorbent diapers for dog litter. This tray will more reliably protect your floors from getting wet.

Step 3

Put a diaper (newspaper, rag) in the tray, put it in the designated place (or just lay the diaper on the floor). If you are not going to use the litter box, then place newspapers in a slightly larger space than there will be room for a toilet later. Reduce this space gradually to the desired size.

Step 4

The scent of the puppy's urine should be applied to the diaper. This is very easy to do. Just blot the puddle (and you don't have a shortage of them now) with a newspaper or rag and put it in the tray on top of the diaper.

The puppy's access to the toilet should be constant, even in your absence.

Step 5

Monitor your puppy closely, especially after sleeping or eating. As soon as the baby begins to actively sniff the floor and "look for a place", carefully take it and take it to the tray. Of course, the puppy will not immediately do his business there and will try to escape. Give him a chance to leave, but at the same time, keep watching him. As soon as the baby starts looking again for where to empty himself, take him again and take him to the toilet. Thus, repeat until you get the puppy to swaddle. As soon as the puppy pees on the tray, actively praise him. With the constant repetition of these actions, the puppy will very soon understand what is required of him.

Step 6

If you do not have the opportunity to constantly keep the dog under supervision and you are ready to leave it in a confined space for a while, then the principle is the same as described above. Get an aviary (cage) and equip it. Place a sleeping area for the puppy, bowls for water and food in the aviary, and, of course, equip a toilet.

Step 7

While you are at home, allow your dog to move freely around the apartment, but he should have free access to the aviary, since there he now has not only a toilet, but also a place to rest and a bowl. At least the first day or two, stay at home and help the puppy understand that he needs to go to the toilet exactly on the tray. Keep an eye on the puppy, take him to his place at the right time.

Step 8

Cover your baby in the aviary several times during the day. So you teach him to be there and at the same time help him understand that this is where he should go to the toilet. Do not think that if you put a small puppy in an open-air cage, he himself will understand that you need to write on the tray. He also needs to explain this. To do this, watch him and put him on the "pot" in time.

Step 9

It's time to teach your dog to pee on the street.

Take your dog outside as often as possible (preferably every 1, 5-2 hours), and especially after eating and sleeping.

Start watching your pet again. As soon as the puppy goes to his toilet, pick him up and take him outside to the place where you plan to walk the adult dog in the future.

Step 10

To quickly teach your dog to pee on the street, take a urine-scented diaper with you for a walk. Place this diaper on the ground and walk the dog beside it. After the puppy pays attention to her or pees, praise him vigorously. Take such a diaper with you for a walk until the dog fully learns that you should only empty out on the street.

Step 11

Walk your dog until he pees. Don't play with your puppy until he does his thing.

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