How To Choose A Pet For An Apartment

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How To Choose A Pet For An Apartment
How To Choose A Pet For An Apartment

Video: How To Choose A Pet For An Apartment

Video: How To Choose A Pet For An Apartment
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A pet is not a toy, but a living creature that requires special care and constant attention. Therefore, the choice of a pet and the question of whether to start it or not should be approached with all responsibility.

How to choose a pet for an apartment
How to choose a pet for an apartment

Every living thing takes time and money. Buying feed, vaccinations, toys, going to the vet, and a bunch of other little things are expense items that need to be considered. Animals do not understand what moving, business trips, lack of time are, they need daily care. Therefore, it is worth choosing an animal based on personal workload and lifestyle.

Animals and the conditions necessary for them

A dog is a very loyal pet, in return it requires daily walks, games with the owner, and displays of feelings. When choosing a dog, you need to pay attention to all the features of a particular breed, since each species has its own optimal conditions for development. You need to treat the dog on an "equal" basis, only then can it become a real four-legged friend.


By temperament, cats are all different, it depends on the breed and treatment of the animal. They can be affectionate and gentle, or they can be lazy and aggressive. Cats cannot be trained, but they can be trained. This type of animal is suitable for creative people who love waywardness and a manifestation of character in a pet.

Gerbils, rats, hamsters are very unpretentious animals. They do not need to be walked, feed costs are very modest, and they have to be cleaned only a couple of times a week. You just need to play with them periodically, pick them up, give food and water. Minus in their short-lived life, the average duration of which is 3-5 years. During this time, the owner has time to fall in love with the animal, and it is very difficult and painful to lose the pet.


Canaries, parrots - funny and quick-witted. They do not require special care, they eat grains, and they love to play with the mirror. Suitable for sociable, active people who hate silence.


Aquarium fish are an excellent choice for people who love beauty and silence. But before you buy fish, you need to stock up on everything you need: an aquarium, filter, lighting, special soil, algae, food. Having created all the conditions, you will get a great corner of wildlife that will help you relax and get rid of stress.

Chinchillas, iguanas, monkeys are animals that require special care, which is difficult to create in an apartment.

When choosing a pet, you must remember that the animal trusts its owner with its life and health, and this trust must be justified

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