Can I Give Bones To Dogs?

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Can I Give Bones To Dogs?
Can I Give Bones To Dogs?

Video: Can I Give Bones To Dogs?

Video: Can I Give Bones To Dogs?
Video: CAN DOGS EAT BONES? (Do's & Don'ts of giving dogs a bone) 2023, June

A familiar picture - a dog gnaws a bone. However, not all so simple. Let's find out if it is worth feeding the dog with bones, and how will such a treat affect the health of the animal? Should bones be included in the pet's diet or not?

Can I give bones to dogs?
Can I give bones to dogs?

Let's start from the opposite: why, in fact, do dogs like to gnaw bones (and, by the way, not only them)?

In fact, the answer lies on the surface: the dog is a predatory animal, even though it was domesticated a long time ago, and many of its breeds have lost their hunting instinct.

But since no one has canceled genetics yet, therefore, it can be argued that the "attraction" of dogs to bones is simply transmitted to them by heredity from wild ancestors who independently obtained food for themselves in a free life.

So is it okay or not to give dogs bones? Yes and no. It depends on what bones and in what quantity.

What bones are forbidden to give to dogs

Definitely, of any kind, under no circumstances, Any heat treatment destroys the bone structure, as a result of which it becomes fragile. In an unfavorable combination of circumstances, the eaten "treat" will lead to either injury to the stomach / esophagus, or to intestinal blockage in the dog.

Can I give bones to dogs (1)
Can I give bones to dogs (1)

In particular, this prohibition applies to the bones on which the jellied meat was cooked; in this case, they also become loose.

Very often, small fragments from such "oils" get stuck between the teeth of a dog, injure the gums, and scratch the throat.

What bones are allowed to feed a dog

As mentioned above, dogs can only be given raw bones, The fact is that pork bones crumble easily, which increases the risk of negative consequences for the animal's health.

The list of allowed bones also includes:

  • beef, lamb - chest and vertebrates, thighs (oils), joints, tails;
  • young veal ribs (in the cartilage stage);
  • turkey, chicken - necks and backs. - the tubular bones of the wings and paws.

Dog bones are fun, tasty toy and a source of additional nutrients: phosphorus, calcium, minerals.

Can I give bones to dogs (4)
Can I give bones to dogs (4)

Note that eating raw bones brings significant benefits to the dog:

  • develops and strengthens the jaw muscles;
  • stimulates brain activity;
  • cleans the surface of the teeth;
  • relieves boredom.

It is also important to give your dog meat and bones so that there is something to chew on.

How to properly give bones to a dog

The inclusion of bones in a pet's diet is entirely up to the owner's decision and the advice of a veterinarian.

In any case, there will be no harm from raw fresh bones. On the contrary, if you watch the video at the link below, you will find out why bones are good for a dog.

Can I give bones to dogs (3)
Can I give bones to dogs (3)

Most importantly, you need to treat your pet with a tasty bone before meals, that is, after the main meal, which includes a sufficient amount of natural food.

Please note: if your dog eats mostly industrial food, then before including bones in his usual grocery basket, be sure to consult with your veterinarian.

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