Choosing A Scratching Post For A Cat

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Choosing A Scratching Post For A Cat
Choosing A Scratching Post For A Cat

Video: Choosing A Scratching Post For A Cat

Video: Choosing A Scratching Post For A Cat
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As soon as a kitten appears in the house, the question of buying accessories for it immediately arises. The most important are the tray and scratching post. The last - important cat tool is worth talking in more detail. Grinding claws is a natural instinct that cannot be removed by anything. And this means that you need to coordinate your life together and purchase a scratching post for your pet.

Choosing a scratching post for a cat
Choosing a scratching post for a cat


Step 1

Scratching posts come in a variety of shapes, types and sizes. The most popular and used ones are wall or corner ones. It looks like an ordinary elongated plank upholstered with sisal or carpet. The corner one differs from a single one only in that it consists of two identical halves, fastened with elastic material. It is attached to the corner of the wall, thereby closing it from the claws.

Step 2

Scratching posts are voluminous - in the form of houses or play areas. In addition to them, you can find various rustling or ringing elements, bows on strings, tunnels and sun loungers. The claws themselves in such complexes are in the form of columns, around which a sisal rope is wound. When buying, keep in mind that your kitten will grow, and the height of the column must be sufficient for its growth.

Floor scratching posts are less popular. They are sold as flat or wavy rugs.

Step 3

Most scratching posts are made from sisal or carpet.

The carpet claw is soft, but breaks down quickly. More precisely, the cat will quickly tear it apart. But the price of a carpet "sharpener" is more acceptable.

Step 4

The sisal scratching post is more durable. It will last much longer than carpet. True, the prices for sisal claws are too high.

By the way, sisal rope can now be found in many hardware stores. This find will save you money when you need a new scratching post. As soon as the old "sharpener" fails, you can easily change the coating on it. If your cat does not yet have a scratching post, then you can easily make one yourself.

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