How To Knit A Patterned Sweater For A Dog

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How To Knit A Patterned Sweater For A Dog
How To Knit A Patterned Sweater For A Dog

Video: How To Knit A Patterned Sweater For A Dog

Video: How To Knit A Patterned Sweater For A Dog
Video: How to Knit a Dog Sweater with Marly Bird | Knitting Tutorial | Part 1 2023, June

In the cold season, many pets do not like to go for walks. This is especially true for small and medium-sized smooth-haired and hairless breeds. Such dogs are very cold, which can lead to serious illness as a result. The salvation in this situation will be a knitted sweater. And to make your dog stand out, take a little extra time and tie a patterned dog item.

How to knit a patterned sweater for a dog
How to knit a patterned sweater for a dog

It is necessary

  • - threads for knitting in different colors;
  • - knitting needles;
  • - centimeter;
  • - scissors;
  • - paper in a cage or printer;
  • - pencil.


Step 1

For the first time, choose a simple pattern. For example, diamonds, hearts, the sun. At first, it is better not to use those images where a very accurate calculation and many shades are required: you will knit sweaters for dogs with a pattern of such a plan when you have enough "stuffed" your hand.

Step 2

Take measurements from the animal. Basic: coverage of the neck, chest, distance between the legs, the length of the future product. As a rule, knitted sweaters for dogs are made up to the length of the back exactly to the tail. On the tummy, it can be varied: for boys it is better to make it shorter, for girls - longer.

Step 3

To knit a sweater with a pattern for a dog, it is important to correctly calculate the rapport - the number of loops in one element of the pattern that is repeated. The total number of loops of the canvas should be exactly divided by the number of loops in the rapport. If one or two are missing, add them one row before the beginning of the pattern.

Step 4

Print out the prepared pattern. Knit to him in the usual pattern: collar, chest extensions, armholes or raglan sleeves. The classic option for placing the pattern is the back. It is better to start knitting the prepared pattern from the middle of the armholes. Please note: a simple pattern can be knitted both on a monolithic product and on an assuming fastener.

Step 5

Pay close attention to the direction of the pattern on the dog's sweater. When knitting from top to bottom (from the neck to the tail), it is also necessary to “read” the pattern from top to bottom. When performing the front row from left to right, with the purl - from right to left. Please note: knit a sweater with a pattern with the front stitch.

Step 6

Watch the thread tension. It is possible to correct the error with a weak tension and sagging, but it is problematic to remake a strongly tightened pattern without dissolving. Especially if there is a very small gap between two colored elements. At the end of each row, knit two threads: from the main fabric and a patterned one. This will make the edge smoother.

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