How To Clean Aquarium Glass

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How To Clean Aquarium Glass
How To Clean Aquarium Glass

Video: How To Clean Aquarium Glass

Video: How To Clean Aquarium Glass
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An aquarium is not only a magical world of ornamental fish, snails and algae, it is an integral part of most modern interiors. And in order for the aquarium to delight its owner for a long time with beauty and sophistication, it is necessary to maintain certain conditions in it with the help of all kinds of compressors and filters, special lighting and a hydropower system. In addition, timely and correct cleaning of the aquarium is a prerequisite for its maintenance.

How to clean aquarium glass
How to clean aquarium glass


Step 1

Over time, the glass walls of any aquarium become covered with a greenish or brownish coating of microalgae and bacterial mucus. Naturally, because of this plaque, the inhabitants of the aquarium become completely invisible. Brownish mucus on the glass of the aquarium appears as a result of insufficient lighting, and greenish - due to excess.

Step 2

It is not at all necessary to clean all the walls of the aquarium if plaque on them does not interfere with the view. It is enough to confine yourself to a thorough cleaning of the front sight glass.

Step 3

If plaque has formed on the glass of the aquarium with fresh water, it can be easily washed off with a clean foam sponge. Only this should be done very carefully in order to prevent the appearance of bacterial turbidity.

Step 4

Slowly, firmly pressing the sponge to the glass, you should lead it down to the ground. Also, slowly, without removing the sponge from the aquarium, it is necessary to lead it up. As a result of such actions, a clean transparent track should remain on the glass.

Step 5

Next, rinse the sponge in water and repeat all steps until the entire sight glass of the aquarium is completely cleaned.

Step 6

The glass in an old water aquarium should be cleaned with a special scraper, which can be purchased at any pet store. A distinction is made between magnetic and sponge scrapers.

Step 7

The magnetic aquarium glass scraper consists of two halves. One of them is placed in water. Another part at this time pulls the scraper through the glass from the outside. Using such a device, you can leave the hands of the owner of the aquarium dry when cleaning.

Step 8

For shallow aquariums, sponge scrapers with a wooden handle are ideal. They perfectly clean glass without leaving scratches and streaks on it.

Step 9

Cleaning the glass of the aquarium is possible not only with the help of special tools. In nature, there are such fish and algae that, no worse than various devices, clean small dirt on the glass. You can find out more about such assistants from the sellers of specialized stores.

Step 10

Every aquarist who cares about the beauty of his home interior and the health of the inhabitants of the underwater world should regularly clean the glass of the aquarium, because the thinner the plaque, the easier it is to get rid of it.

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