How To Tame Your Cat

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How To Tame Your Cat
How To Tame Your Cat

Video: How To Tame Your Cat

Video: How To Tame Your Cat
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The cat is a rather wayward animal. She is very independent and cunning, but you can still tame her, and such attempts were made in ancient times. Cats succumbed to a person who did not spare anything for them, because being wild and living in the forest, they did not see affection and care, and the response of these animals was the protection of a person and his household.

How to tame your cat
How to tame your cat


Step 1

It is best to domesticate cats very small when they are just born. Kittens quickly become attached to a person, and already adults do not leave their owner a single step. It is during this period that little kittens learn to understand who is next to them, who cares for them, and of course they will reciprocate. And when meeting with their relatives who grew up on the street, they can show aggressiveness.

Step 2

In order to find friendship between a kitten and a person, a very good relationship is needed. It is necessary to pick them up more often, stroke them, talk to them, at least one hour a day. Short communication with your pet can lead to ill will on his part, and the kitten will trust less in its owner in the future.

Step 3

It is very important that all family members can charm the babies who have just been born. Communicating with only one person will cause the kitten to become attached only to that person. To prevent this from happening, everyone needs to take care of their pets: both adults and children. At first, you can simply take the kitten in your arms, stroke and talk to him. As you grow up, you can learn to play, the most common game is with a candy wrapper on a string, it turns on a kitten more and more.

Thanks to active games, the baby becomes more active.

Step 4

You need to tame a cat to everything: food, toilet, how to behave at home and on the street. Many cats lend themselves better to this training at home, as they, like small children, love and appreciate their master simply for what he is.

Step 5

And if you want to tame a yard cat, it is desirable that its age is no more than 7 weeks, then there is a chance that it will get used to you.

Cats that live on the street have adapted to the conditions of their life, therefore it is very difficult to “domesticate” such a cat. Your home conditions may seem to her unwillingly, and thus, you will harm not only the cat, but also yourself. Therefore, before taking a kitten from the street, make sure you are not making a mistake? Can you really tame an animal? After all, we are responsible for those we have tamed.

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