Corgi Dog Breed: Description, Reviews, Prices

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Corgi Dog Breed: Description, Reviews, Prices
Corgi Dog Breed: Description, Reviews, Prices

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Video: Corgi Dog Breed: Description, Reviews, Prices
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Corgi is a small short-toed dog with a cheerful and sociable disposition. Breeders and amateurs affectionately call these cute dogs "biscuits". Despite the cute appearance and medium size, this dog belongs to the group of workers and in the past was often used as a shepherd.

Corgi dog breed
Corgi dog breed

Wells is the birthplace of the corgi. It is believed that it was brought here by the Celts back in the 10th century. Subsequently, these cute dogs were used for a long time in Wells for grazing cattle.

The breed was officially recognized only in 1892. Finally, its standards were approved only in 1934.

At the moment, two main standards of this breed are recognized - the Welsh Corgi Pembroke and the Cardigan. The exterior of the representatives of these two species can differ significantly.

Description of welsh corgi pembroke

This popular breed has a long neck and can be bobtail. Their paws are short, and the color is brown or orange with white. Pembroke welsh corgi tricolor is also sometimes found.

A distinctive feature of the representatives of this breed, among other things, is the exceptionally brown eye color. Other shades are not allowed by the standards.

Welsh corgi cardigan

In contrast to the Pembrokes, the representatives of this breed in most cases have a neck of normal length. Short-tailed cardigans are discarded. The tail of this breed must be long.

The paws of the cardigans are quite short. Still, dogs are somewhat taller than Pembrokes. The color of the cardigans in most cases is the same as the pembroke. But the standards also allow brindle or blue marbled coat color in these dogs.

Some members of this breed have a black mask around their nose and eyes. According to the standards, this cannot be considered a defect.

The color of the eyes of the welsh corgi cardigan can be not only brown, but also blue or blue. In some representatives of this breed, the eyes even have a different color (one blue, the other brown).

Reviews about the breed

Both standards of smiling corgi are ideal for most pet lovers. Dogs are, judging by the reviews, not only kind and funny, but also quite smart and trainable.

To the pluses of this breed, most pet lovers consider, of course, small size. It is easy to walk such a dog, it does not eat too much and does not arrange pogroms in the house.

Barking of both types of corgi, as noted by many dog lovers, is very rare. In addition, these dogs simply adore children and never bite.

Some disadvantage of this breed, judging by the reviews of pet lovers, is the tendency to pick up old mosles, bread crusts and other "nasty" on the street.

Also, many consider the disadvantages of this breed to be too restless. Corgis rarely sit quietly. These active dogs constantly need to play with someone of their owners. And that, of course, can be a little tedious.

How much do puppies cost

The corgi breed for Russia is still quite rare. Therefore, such puppies are, unfortunately, quite expensive. The price of corgi, depending on the region and age, can fluctuate between 40-80 thousand rubles.

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