Bloodhound: Features Of The Breed

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Bloodhound: Features Of The Breed
Bloodhound: Features Of The Breed

Video: Bloodhound: Features Of The Breed

Video: Bloodhound: Features Of The Breed
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Bloodhounds are one of the oldest hound breeds. This brooding and sad look attracts potential owners very much. But what are they really? And what should the future owner know so that these dogs do not feel offended and abandoned?

Bloodhound: features of the breed
Bloodhound: features of the breed


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Bloodhound dogs are very active and independent. Therefore, throughout their lives, they need long, frequent and long walks. It is for this reason that this breed is not suitable for keeping in apartments. The ideal option for such pets is a private house with a large plot.

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Since these animals do not tolerate loneliness, it is advisable to have another dog or cat. You can be sure that the Bloodhound will never offend other animals and will not get into a fight first. They are also rightfully considered the best "nannies", since these dogs are especially responsible and gentle with children. For a child, a Bloodhound will become not only a loyal and devoted friend, but also an excellent protector.

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It should be remembered that dogs of this breed are very friendly and sociable, so do not think that, due to their size and intimidating appearance, they are excellent guards. Knowing their kind disposition, it is unerring to assume that they can make friends even with a robber who made his way to the site. Therefore, it is possible to choose this particular breed only "at the call of the heart."

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It should be noted that this breed is perfect not only for hunting, but also for search and rescue operations, or service in law enforcement agencies. It is bloodhounds that best take a trail more than ten days old, without being distracted by other extraneous odors and forgetting about everything. Their loose skin and coarse coat perfectly protect them from minor injuries, and the "hood" of the skin, falling over the eyes, concentrates the dog on the smell, without distracting from other irritants. The ears, which drag along the ground, collect all the smells, allowing the animal to orientate itself perfectly.

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It should be noted that for all their positive qualities, these animals are quite stubborn and independent, therefore they need constant training from early childhood. But, since bloodhounds are very shy and vulnerable, you should pay attention to the fact that training should not be rough.

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The owner who brings such a dog into the house will never regret his choice, since these pets know how to be truly loyal, loyal and loving.

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