How To Feed A Giant Snail

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How To Feed A Giant Snail
How To Feed A Giant Snail

Video: How To Feed A Giant Snail

Video: How To Feed A Giant Snail
Video: How to feed your Giant African land Snail 2023, June

Having decided to have an exotic pet, take a closer look at Achatina. These giant snails are unpretentious. There is no need to remove the tray behind them, you do not need to walk them. But watching the snails is very interesting. All that is required for a comfortable stay of Achatina in the house: a large terrarium with soil and suitable food.

How to feed a giant snail
How to feed a giant snail


Step 1

It is easy to feed Achatina. Include raw vegetables in her menu: cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers. Offer the snail also fruits other than citrus fruits.

Step 2

It is not necessary to feed Achatina with selected foods. Give the snail stubs, trimmings - it will eat everything. With pleasure, Achatina will enjoy watermelon and melon crusts.

Step 3

Add legumes to the Achatina diet. She can be given boiled peas, corn. Also, giant snails eat boiled eggs and mushrooms.

Step 4

Be sure to alternate the foods offered to the snail. Otherwise, she will get used to the taste of any one "dish". Because of this, the snail will then not eat other foods.

Step 5

Young individuals need to refresh themselves every day. Feed adult snails 2-3 times a week. This will be enough. According to experts, Achatina will eat as much as she needs. And there is no danger of overfeeding her.

Step 6

To strengthen the walls of the shell, be sure to give the snail chalk, crushed eggshells. Pamper Achatina with fresh grass in spring and summer. The giant snail feeds on nettle, clover, plantain. You can also offer her flowering branches of apple and cherry.

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