How To Raise Sheep

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How To Raise Sheep
How To Raise Sheep

Video: How To Raise Sheep

Video: How To Raise Sheep
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One of the most profitable branches of modern agriculture is sheep breeding. Sheep can be raised for slaughter, shearing or the subsequent production of such a useful product as sheep cheese (feta cheese). And you can combine all these areas in one farm.

How to raise sheep
How to raise sheep


Step 1

Complete all the necessary documents for registering a peasant farm.

Step 2

Choose a plot for building a farm or rent a suitable premises in one of the former collective farms and convert it into a sheepfold. If you plan to supply cheese to localities in your area, rent an area near them so that the products you deliver are fresh. The main thing is that afterwards it was possible to supply electricity and heating systems to the sheepfold without any problems.

Step 3

Obtain a certificate of sanitary compliance of the selected area with all necessary epidemic and environmental standards from your local veterinary office.

Step 4

Build a sheepfold in the selected area or re-equip a suitable room. Calculate the area of the premises based on the number of livestock of the future flock and its composition (young animals, queen bees, rams), and also depending on whether you plan to keep the whole flock together or equip compartments for different categories of sheep.

Step 5

Use brick, stone, shell rock for construction. The floors in the sheepfold should be adobe with straw bedding. Equip ventilation with natural air circulation, as well as special machines (boxes of 4 wooden panels with a door) for easy milking. Purchase feeders, drinkers, conclude contracts with suppliers of high-quality compound feed.

Step 6

Fence off the sheep pasture, which is usually adjacent to the main buildings. Calculate pasture area based on herd size (2-4 m² per head). Breeders should spend as much time as possible in the pasture to increase sexual activity. Send lambs to graze only when they reach the age of 2-3 weeks. But do not take the flock outside in rainy weather if you plan to breed sheep for wool, although they are sheared only once a year (usually in the spring).

Step 7

Purchase sheep from local farmers or attend an agricultural show and contract with producers and young stock suppliers and farm processing plants. When purchasing sheep, pay special attention to the exterior of the animals.

Step 8

Issue all the necessary certificates of product quality in Rospotrebnadzor, submitting its samples for examination.

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