How To Treat Diarrhea In A Cat

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How To Treat Diarrhea In A Cat
How To Treat Diarrhea In A Cat

Video: How To Treat Diarrhea In A Cat

Video: How To Treat Diarrhea In A Cat
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The causes of diarrhea in kittens can be different. This often happens due to improper nutrition. Loose stools can be caused by a diet consisting only of heavy foods (meat, milk), or spiced foods. In addition, diarrhea can be a symptom caused by the presence of intestinal parasites (helminths, lamblia, etc.) in the kitten's body, although this happens less often.

How to treat diarrhea in a cat
How to treat diarrhea in a cat


Step 1

Start treating your pet with a visit to your veterinarian. It is necessary to pass the tests, and the specialist will competently prescribe the treatment. Self-prescribed treatment without referring to a specialist is dangerous because without tests it is impossible to accurately determine the cause of the disease, and you will only treat the symptoms, and the disease itself will progress. But if you do not have the opportunity to contact a veterinarian in the near future, then you can try to cure the cat yourself, following this instruction.

Step 2

Stop feeding the pet for a few hours (from 6 to 10 kittens, or from 10 to 24 adults), make sure the kitten has fresh water, this is necessary, if the animal does not drink, then most likely dehydration will occur, and then the favorite is doomed.

Step 3

If the kitten does not drink, take a syringe without a needle, fill it with water, you can also use a decoction of pomegranate peels, a decoction of St. John's wort or chamomile, three-day kefir (one-day kefir weakens, and two-three days can be used as a fixing agent) and, holding the animal by the chin, gently, slowly pour the solution (mixture) through the teeth. A solution of manganese in water can also help, the color of the solution should be pale pink (a strong solution will only damage the gastric mucosa) and fresh, a solution of potassium permanganate that has stood for more than half an hour is useless.

Step 4

If the cat does not refuse to drink, then give him activated charcoal, previously dissolved in a small amount of water (to a liquid, but not transparent state, with the calculation of 1 tablet per adult, or half for a kitten). Activated charcoal draws out toxins and helps with poisoning.

Step 5

Also try to give your pet a drink "Smecta" or "Enterosgel", be sure to read the instructions for use of the drugs. These drugs can be bought at your regular pharmacy.

Step 6

Try boiled minced chicken breast or turkey breast with boiled rice, chicken breast is easy enough to digest, and boiled rice will act as a fixing agent.

Step 7

Try potato starch. Roll a small ball out of the starch so that your pet can swallow it. We open the kitten's mouth, put the ball on the tongue, close the cat's mouth and hold it a little until it swallows.

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