Cornish Rex Cats: Appearance, Character, Features Of The Content

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Cornish Rex Cats: Appearance, Character, Features Of The Content
Cornish Rex Cats: Appearance, Character, Features Of The Content

Video: Cornish Rex Cats: Appearance, Character, Features Of The Content

Video: Cornish Rex Cats: Appearance, Character, Features Of The Content
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The Cornish Rex cat is an almost weightless creature. At the same time, taking it in your arms, you can feel its strength and energy well. The unexpected silkiness, softness and waviness of the coat is surprising.

Cornish Rex cat
Cornish Rex cat

Curly cats were talked about at the beginning of the 20th century. They met in Russia and the Czech Republic, but did not attract the attention of specialists. They had to go through a thorny path from the inception of the breed to its recognition in 1967. Maybe that's why they are so attached to a person?

The history of the breed

Rexes can be proud of their origin: nature itself took part in this. The breed arose thanks to a gene failure. The result is a non-standard appearance and good health. Cornish can reach the age of 25 and remain as active and cheerful.

A miracle happened in 1950. On an ordinary English farm, a strange kitten was found in the offspring of a British cat. He looked like an ugly duckling: his coat, mustache and eyebrows were curly.

The hostess not only saved the baby's life, but also invited a specialist. He examined the newborn and confirmed the mutation that had occurred, providing the new breed with a start in life.

Cornish Rex standards and appearance

Years of breeding work have not left a single trace of the British ancestor in the modern appearance of the Cornish. The sturdy stocky cat was replaced by a graceful aristocrat. The main characteristic of the breed, curly coat, remained unchanged. The Cornish Rex International Standard was adopted in 1983.

  • The body is small, thin, but muscular. The legs are thin, long, giving the animal a special grace. The color of the pads corresponds to the general color.
  • The coat is short, plush, wavy. Any color variation is allowed.
  • The head is medium in size, dry. Wedge shape, ratio 1 to 3. Tapers towards the chin. The ears are large, high, rounded at the tips.
  • The eyes are large, almond-shaped, in harmony with the color of the animal.
  • Eyebrows and mustache with curls.
  • The tail is long, straight, pointed towards the end.

The nature and characteristics of behavior

Corniches are very curious. The kitten quickly adapts, is interested in literally everything that surrounds him. Therefore, before bringing a new guest into the house, it is important to prepare the room: remove everything that may pose a danger. Particular attention should be paid to small objects, wires, plants.

Cats of this breed are temperamental and active. They can be worn around the house for hours. They respond to any invitation to games. Thanks to long legs, they jump high. It will not be difficult for them to fly up to the upper tier of the bed, slightly pushing off the wall.

A characteristic feature of the Cornish character is the desire to be close to a person. They are very affectionate, deeply experiencing loneliness. When the owner returns from work, the Rexes rejoice, wagging their tail. If these cats are not given enough attention, they develop depression.

Cornish cats are smart cats. They are also smart. You can spend time interestingly with them: train, teach funny tricks. For the sake of their master, the Rexes are ready for much. The most important thing is not to disappoint them with indifference.

Representatives of this breed have a poorly developed hunting instinct. The Cornish Rex will chase mice just for fun. To become a real hunter, you need the personal example of another cat.

Maintenance and care

Rex hair does not need special care. As a rule, it is not combed, but only occasionally stroked with a massage brush. Bathing is contraindicated for them. Only if the animal is very dirty can it be washed.

A domestic cat does not have the ability to sharpen its claws, so it is necessary to trim them with special scissors every two weeks. You should regularly check your ears for the presence of ear mites, check your eyes and teeth. Corniches rarely get sick, but they are afraid of drafts.

They are picky about their diet, they are often gluttonous, and therefore can gain excess weight. Access to unlimited food leads to obesity.

Choosing a pet is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. With a serious approach and coincidence of temperaments, a man and a cat will live together for many happy years.

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