Amazing Facts About Cats

Amazing Facts About Cats
Amazing Facts About Cats

Video: Amazing Facts About Cats

Video: Amazing Facts About Cats
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Cats are affectionate and intelligent pets. They are distinguished by amazing abilities, occupy a worthy place in history and can perform real tricks due to the unusual structure of their bodies. There are many unusual facts about these animals, thanks to which cats evoke even more love and respect.

Amazing facts about cats
Amazing facts about cats
  1. Cats are not familiar with the sweet taste. The receptors of these animals do not allow them to feel the full breadth of shades. Scientists suggest that the problem here is a certain defective gene.
  2. Cats rub against people not to show affection, but in order to erase foreign smell from them. Thus, representatives of the feline family mark the owners and other people they like. Cats wash when they want to remove human odor from their fur.
  3. Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day. Their sleep can often be interrupted and sometimes resembles a nap rather than a deep falling into the kingdom of Morpheus.
  4. The largest cat breed is the Maine Coon. The body length of their representatives can reach 1 mestre, and their weight can vary from 6 to 12 kg.
  5. A cat's nose print is as unique as a human fingerprint. There are no two cats with the same pattern on their noses.
  6. Cats are perfectly oriented in space and are able to return home even from a fairly long distance.
  7. Not all cats have a tail. For example, representatives of the Manx breed have lost their tails in the course of evolution.
  8. Cats were made pets about 4,000 years ago. At first they were used as hunting assistants.
  9. Cats owe their sensitive hearing to 32 muscles in the ear. The range of frequencies that cats are able to hear is much wider than that of humans. The ears of cats can rotate 180 degrees, even independently of each other.
  10. Not all representatives of this clan react to the famous catnip, but only 3/4.
  11. Cats are capable of speeds up to 30 km / h.
  12. A cat named Stubbs was mayor of Toklitna, Alaska for 15 years.
  13. Having cats in the house can reduce the stress level of the owners and reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack by a third.
  14. Cats meow solely for the purpose of contact with people. They are capable of playing up to 100 different sounds.
  15. Despite the belief by some people that cats are milk lovers, many of this species suffer from lactose intolerance. Therefore, this product should be given to cats with great care.
  16. Interestingly, cats are usually right-handed, while cats are left-handed.
  17. In ancient Rome, it was forbidden to kill cats. These animals exterminated rats, controlling the number of dangerous pests.
  18. Cats are great acrobats. They can jump 6 times their height.
  19. Cats can sweat. Excess fluid comes out through the pads on their feet.
  20. Whiskers are very important for cats. They use them to check the temperature of the food before trying it, and figure out if they can fit into the passage or crawl into the hole.
  21. The ancient Egyptians shaved off their eyebrows in the event of the death of their domestic cat as a sign of grief.
  22. Men who love cats are more sensitive and are more likely to be happy in love.
  23. During the day, cats see worse than in the dark. At night, a cat needs 7 times less light than a person.
  24. The fixed maximum lambing is 19 kittens per litter.

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