The Smallest Cat Breeds

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The Smallest Cat Breeds
The Smallest Cat Breeds

Video: The Smallest Cat Breeds

Video: The Smallest Cat Breeds
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When choosing a pet, most people opt for cats - cute, fluffy, gently purring animals. There are many cat breeds known in the world. Among this variety, one can single out those whose representatives are among the smallest.

The smallest cat breeds
The smallest cat breeds


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The most popular among the smallest cats is the Singaporean. Those wishing to buy a cat of this breed will have to pay a large amount of money. The cost can be up to $ 1000. This is a kind, affectionate and agile cat with an attractive light beige color. By weight it reaches 3 kg. Despite its low weight, its body is muscular and dense. Very smart and quick-witted. As a kitten, it develops very slowly and begins to have offspring only by 15-16 months of age.

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The rusty cat and toy bob can boast even smaller sizes. India and Sri Lanka are home to rusty cats. Short legs, slender body, small tail make them look like Bengal cats. The body length reaches 48 cm. The weight of these cats ranges from 1.5 kg. Cats live on average 8-10 years. As a rule, they prefer a solitary lifestyle.

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Toy Bob is the smallest breed. The weight of individuals does not exceed 1 kg. Cats of this amazing breed are cute and playful. They have a brave and warlike character. The most interesting thing is that they can be trained. They will easily bring a ball, candy wrapper or other item of the appropriate size.

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Minskin is a breed of cats that resembled dachshunds in their physique. They have short legs and an elongated body. Weight can reach 2-4 kg. There is no hair on the body, except for a small area of the paws, head and tail. They are kind and curious by nature. They lead an active lifestyle and communicate well with other pets in the house.

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If the family has children, you can get a Balinese cat, the weight of which does not exceed 4 kg. They are very fond of small children. By nature, they are sociable, intelligent, and curious. They resemble Siamese cats in appearance.

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The most recently bred cat breed is boredom. Compared to the fact that cats are small, they also very much resemble a lamb in their curly hair. They love to play and are absolutely not afraid of water.

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Cats of an unusual breed of Devon Rex can boast of an extraordinary appearance. They have soft short hair, large ears and eyes, small whiskers, and long, sturdy legs. Devon Rex are very active and love to interact with people.

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When purchasing a small breed cat, it is necessary to monitor its physical condition, since all artificially bred breeds are not in good health. To do this, you need to conduct a full examination of the pet in a veterinary clinic once a year.

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In general, it can be noted that small cats are very energetic and playful. They always try to show their love and affection for the owners.

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