How To Choose Between A Cat And A Cat

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How To Choose Between A Cat And A Cat
How To Choose Between A Cat And A Cat

Video: How To Choose Between A Cat And A Cat

Video: How To Choose Between A Cat And A Cat
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The first question that appears in the head of a person who has decided to have a kitten is: "Who should you choose - a cat or a cat?" Little kittens-girls and kittens-boys practically do not differ from each other. But with age, the sex of an animal more and more determines its character and behavior.

How to choose between a cat and a cat
How to choose between a cat and a cat


Step 1

Having opted for a kitten-boy, be prepared for the fact that your apartment will become a real training ground for the pet. Cats are very curious. Any new object that appears in the house will become the object of careful examination for him. Your pet will consider your apartment as its territory. Therefore, as its owner, the cat will simply need to know everything that is going on in it.

Step 2

Keep in mind that the cat will control everything you do. He will definitely follow you, whatever you do, be it renovation, washing, cleaning or meeting guests. Everything that happens in the house will be in the field of view of the cat.

Step 3

Cats are great manipulators. Having begged your favorite delicacy, the pet will stop rubbing against its legs, and having eaten "to the bone", it will completely lose interest in you.

Step 4

The tendency of cats to dominate can lead to the fact that you become an ordinary member of the feline pride, which will be led by your pet. You can avoid this if you make it clear to your pet once and for all who is the boss in the house.

Step 5

Cats are less tidy than cats. The most unpleasant thing about keeping a cat is his need to “designate” his territory. Although not all owners of these animals face such a problem. Some cats simply don't need to mark their territory.

Step 6

If you opted for a cat, know that they are much more affectionate than cats. If the cat, satiated with your love, breaks free from his hands and runs away, then you will have to fight back from the feline tenderness yourself.

Step 7

The cat does not establish its rules in the house as brazenly as the representatives of the opposite sex. She very easily rubbed herself into the trust of her owner, and the most effective way for her to achieve her goal is whims.

Step 8

Cats are really clean. They can lick their fur for hours on end, and noticing that one of the hairs has broken out, they begin the process of putting themselves in order again.

Step 9

The biggest problem in keeping a cat is its insane behavior during estrus, which consists of wild screams at any time of the day. You can solve this problem in several ways: sterilize your pet, let her regularly give birth to kittens, or simply endure crazy cat screams.

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