How To Choose A Healthy Persian Kitten

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How To Choose A Healthy Persian Kitten
How To Choose A Healthy Persian Kitten

The choice of a kitten is based on many factors. This is the pedigree, and the sex, and the color of the animal. Regardless of the purpose of the purchase, the kitten must be healthy. A healthy pet is not only a beautiful pet, but also savings on veterinary services.

Persidskij kotenok
Persidskij kotenok

Persian cats are sociable animals and get along well with other pets. Persians are characterized by loyalty and a balanced character, but this does not mean that the cat will sleep or lie on the couch all day. They are moderately playful and inquisitive, due to their physical characteristics they are inactive.

Choosing a Persian, like any other kitten, is a crucial step. The fate of the kitten depends on which kitten you choose. It will be a show cat or a pet.

If you decide to engage in breeding work, the kitten's parents must be in the club and together with the kitten must give you a metric or pedigree. If you are taking a kitten as a hobby, ask about the pedigree of the mother-cat, make sure that there are breed types. The type of breed in a kitten appears at the age of three to four months.

What to look for when choosing

It is advisable to take a kitten from home. Thus, you will see how the kitten behaves, how playful and socially adapted it is, whether it is potty trained. An important fact is the kitten's ability to eat independently.

Assess the animal's appearance. A kitten is the same child, a perpetual motion machine and a jumper. A healthy kitten shows interest in everything and, upon seeing a toy, will definitely want to play. If the kitten sits and does not show interest in the surrounding action, this indicates health problems. The kitten should not have wet or sour eyes, dirty ears. The coat should be smooth, without bald patches, and there should be no crust on the skin.

Evaluate the animal's skeletal system by feeling. The vertebrae in the tail should be straight, the tail itself should be free of kinks. The muzzle should be symmetrical, the bite should be correct. Boys should have both testicles in place.

Breed signs of a Persian kitten

The Persian cat is a breed with very specific breed characteristics. Persian cats are renowned for their long, soft coat and strongly pronounced upturned nose. The muzzle of Persian cats is round, the ears are small and wide-set, covered with hair. The eyes are large and round. The paws and tail of the representatives of this breed are short, which is why the Persians are less mobile than their relatives. In the process of growth, the proportions of the legs and tail to the body may change. As mentioned above, breed signs in kittens appear at three to four months of age.

If the kitten has a pointed down muzzle, such an animal can only be taken as a pet. A deviation in the shape of the muzzle is a serious defect. Kittens with such defects are discarded and not allowed for breeding.

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