What Is The Character Of A Siamese Cat

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What Is The Character Of A Siamese Cat
What Is The Character Of A Siamese Cat

Video: What Is The Character Of A Siamese Cat

Video: What Is The Character Of A Siamese Cat
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You will always recognize the miniature Siamese cat: its unique coloration, elongated wedge-shaped head and bright blue eyes distinguish the animal from the diversity of the vast world of cats.

What is the character of a Siamese cat
What is the character of a Siamese cat


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Currently, more than forty breeds of Siamese cats are known, with a wide variety of coat colors: black, marble, blue, white, tortoiseshell, etc. The uniqueness of the eastern representatives of the feline world is indicated by a special muzzle with a dark "mask". Their appearance resembles developed beings that appeared on Earth from outer space.

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Once considered a national relic of Thailand, the sacred cat was under the protection of the country's law, and it was strictly forbidden to take it out of Siam. Many interesting legends and stories are associated with the Thai cat. Now the Siamese breed is widespread throughout the world, and it first appeared in Great Britain in 1884 as a gift to the English consul from the King of Siam.

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You can hear that Siamese cats are quite angry and naughty, they can cause trouble for people. The severity and isolation is indicated by the external "aristocratic" appearance of the animal. Of course, Thai beauties have a peculiar obstinate disposition, they can show independence. They are proud and freedom-loving, but not aggressive: not agreeing with the actions of a person, they are able to give a voice. Siamese differ from other feline breeds for their excellent hunting abilities.

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They are very attached to a person, they adore the owner, but they who come to the house are treated with some degree of caution. Most often, Thai cats treat children peacefully, they love to play with them, but kids need to be careful: the animal does not tolerate rudeness, even unintentional ones. Like any other breed, the Siamese cat, surrounded by attention and affection, will surely reciprocate feelings and devotion to people. She is even able to rush to protect a person dear to her.

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Strong attachment to the owner makes the animal jealous if other pets live in the house. Relationships are especially difficult with dogs.

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The independence of character of the Siamese helps them to easily endure loneliness during a long absence of the owners. (This breed even needs to be alone from time to time). To restore the sociability of a cat in such a situation will help a lot of care for it, an affectionate attitude.

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Siamese beauties are distinguished by grace and elegance. They like it when the house is in order and harmony, so they do not pressure people to run the house and themselves, especially during depression. These cats are very energetic and love to play, being the first to take the initiative, but they suffer greatly if they are surrounded by turmoil and noise.

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A person needs to have patience, because punishment and resentment can remain in the memory of very vulnerable animals for a long time. Any psychological trauma or improper upbringing can lead to excessive nervousness.

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Siamese cats are wonderful and very attentive companions. It is only important to learn to understand the unusual language of pets and the manner of their communication with people. The fact that the animal is listening to you is evidenced by the intent and understanding gaze directed into the eyes of the interlocutor.

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The intelligence and ingenuity of Thai cats allows them to easily master a variety of training techniques. At the beginning of the twentieth century one of the English breeders of these animals called Siamese cats "real little dogs", capable of bringing gloves to the owner, doing somersaults and walking on a leash.

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Siam can be cunning: they will express their demands with a prolonged cry that tests your patience (and their voice is very loud and shrill). If the cat does not like the food, it may remain hungry for several days.

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