How To Give A Nickname To A Dog

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How To Give A Nickname To A Dog
How To Give A Nickname To A Dog

Video: How To Give A Nickname To A Dog

Video: How To Give A Nickname To A Dog
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A well-chosen name for a puppy should reflect his personality. Often you can hear from dog lovers that they gave their pet one or another nickname, because it was she who shone in his eyes and it was impossible to name him otherwise.

How to give a nickname to a dog
How to give a nickname to a dog


Step 1

Dogs are good at distinguishing only the first two syllables, so the name should not be too long. Some dog breeders believe that dogs are only able to distinguish vowel sounds in their name. In reality, this is not the case. Through research, it has been proven that dogs are excellent at picking up consonant sounds.

Step 2

You should not give your pet a hard-to-pronounce nickname, after all, it will be you who will pronounce it.

Step 3

If you are going to hunt with a dog, do not choose a name that starts with the letter "and", as this vowel cannot be shouted out. Until now, dog lovers argue about the use of the sound "r" in the nickname. Some believe that this sound causes negative emotions in the dog, as it is similar to a growl. Others, on the contrary, think that a name with the sound "p" will be perceived by the dog as a "native sound".

Step 4

Be creative when choosing a name. Don't give your dog a popular name like Lassie, Akbar or Mukhtar - this will depersonalize your pet. If you find it difficult to find an original name for your puppy, use any list of dog names.

Step 5

If your puppy belongs to purebred dogs, then his nickname should have several parts. A dog purchased from breeders may have a prefix in its name. This prefix will mean that you have received a pet from good producers. It must not be longer than 15 characters. The prefix can consist of any number of words and is used both before and after the nickname.

Step 6

When buying a puppy from a breeder, he will already have a nickname. When choosing a nickname, the breeder must follow some rules. First, he registers the litter and receives an official document for each puppy, which contains the chosen name. In puppies of the same litter, all nicknames must begin with one letter, which indicates the serial number of the litter. So when registering the first litter, all nicknames will begin with the letter "a". According to the rules of the Russian Cynological Federation, in one kennel, it will be possible to give the same nickname again only after 30 years. The length of the full name of the puppy together with the prefix must not exceed 40 characters.

Step 7

Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the name of the puppy and the prefix given at birth by the breeder and indicated in official documents. But after the purchase, as a rule, the official name of the dog is shortened to a more domestic and affectionate one and the pet is already accustomed to it.

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