How To Rinse Your Cat's Eyes

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How To Rinse Your Cat's Eyes
How To Rinse Your Cat's Eyes

Video: How To Rinse Your Cat's Eyes

Video: How To Rinse Your Cat's Eyes
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Rinsing the eyes is a very useful procedure that helps to get rid of pollen and sand particles that get into the animal's eye. Flushing is also indicated if the cat's eyes are sticking together due to discharge.

How to rinse your cat's eyes
How to rinse your cat's eyes

It is necessary

  • - warm water or boric acid solution;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - pipette;
  • - olive oil.


Step 1

To wash your eyes, use a warm boric acid solution by dissolving two flat teaspoons of crystalline boric acid in half a glass of lukewarm water. As a last resort, just warm water will do. Do not add salt as too much salt will irritate the eyes.

Step 2

It is advisable to carry out this procedure together. Let your helper hold the cat while you soak a cotton swab in a boric acid solution and squeeze the liquid out of it onto the eyeball or eyelids if they are stuck together.

Step 3

A damp piece of cotton wool, twisted in a spiral, can gently remove a foreign body from the surface of the eyeball, but this procedure is often not necessary. If your cat's eyelashes stick together, run a damp swab over their outer surface, moving from the animal's nose to the corner of the eye. Repeat as needed one or more times until the eyelids open freely. Then rinse the eyeball. If necessary, re-soak the swab in boric acid solution or plain warm water. The last step is to dry the skin around the eyes by gently walking over it with a dry swab.

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