Why Cats Meow: 10 Reasons

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Why Cats Meow: 10 Reasons
Why Cats Meow: 10 Reasons

Video: Why Cats Meow: 10 Reasons

Video: Why Cats Meow: 10 Reasons
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Cats, unlike dogs, can make dozens of sounds, including about 20 variations of the usual meow. Representatives of the feline family do not meow in the wild, but domestic Murki and Barsiki often use this cute “meow”. Why do cats meow? The answer is obvious: they thereby want to attract the attention of a person. When a cat meows, you can be sure that she wants something from you. But what exactly does she want? There are 10 answers to this.

Why cats meow: 10 reasons
Why cats meow: 10 reasons

It hurts

If your cat meows all the time, she may be in pain. Your pet's overly talkative behavior, coupled with unusual, strange behavior, is cause for concern. It's a good idea to show your furry friend to the vet.

Hello, master

Dogs are not the only ones who can greet their master with a joyful voice when he returns home after a long absence. Cats can also meow to greet their owner, thereby greeting him.

Feed me

It is not uncommon for cats to meow when they are hungry. Even not particularly talkative representatives of the subspecies Felis silvestris catus give a voice to let the person know that it is time to fill the bowl.

Come on, pay attention to me

Sometimes cats meow simply because they want the owner to give them a little of his time: play, talk, stroke, finally.

Let me in

Your pet, walking around his apartment, may stumble upon a closed door to a room where he often spends his free time lounging on his favorite couch, or to the kitchen, where his favorite bowl is. Barsik fails to remove the obstacle in the form of a massive door on his own, and he begins to meow plaintively. Some pets meow in front of the door not so much because they want to go in, but because they simply do not like it when the doors are closed.

I need a cat

When cats are in heat, they often roll on the floor, meowing desperately at the same time. Your pet needs a cat, so she is wailing. Cats also meow during the mating season. If this is a problem for you, you can solve it by sterilization / castration.

Where are you, master?

Left at home for a long time, representatives of the feline family from loneliness can drag on a sad song.

Old age is not a joy

As you get older, your Murzik may become more talkative than usual. Excessive sociability is the norm for older cats.

I'm scared

Desperate meows may be due to the stress your pet is experiencing. Taking your cat outside for the first time, where there are so many loud, harsh sounds and odors, do not be surprised that he meows without stopping.

Do not make me angry

When playing with a kitten or an adult animal, the main thing is not to get carried away too much. If your pet is not in the mood to play, and you only annoy him with your harassment, he can give a voice. And you risk hearing not a plaintive "meow", but a loud threatening howl.

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