How To Wash Your Cat

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How To Wash Your Cat
How To Wash Your Cat

Video: How To Wash Your Cat

Video: How To Wash Your Cat
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Washing cats is not as difficult as it is usually thought. Despite cats' dislike for water, many owners notice that their pet is not averse to swimming. And for some breeds, this procedure is simply necessary.

How to wash your cat
How to wash your cat

It is necessary

shampoo for cats, balm for cats, comb, hair dryer, towel


Step 1

If you have a long-haired animal, you need to comb it and disassemble the tangles. Pre-moisten the mats with water or oil.

Step 2

A rag, rug or towel should be placed on the bottom of the tub so that the paws do not slip.

Step 3

Turn on the shower at a distance and let the cat get to know it, smell it, inspect it. If the cat is very afraid of noisy water, then use a ladle to wash.

Step 4

Secure the cat by holding it by the withers. It is convenient to wash when the cat is standing with its front paws on the side of the bathtub, but there is a risk that it will jump out. Be sure to close the bathroom door.

Step 5

Wet the coat, apply shampoo, lathering the cat. The head is washed up to the ears from above and to the chin from below. Try to keep water out of your ears. You can put cotton wool in them in advance.

Step 6

Rinse off the shampoo, especially thoroughly rinsing the fur on the belly. After washing the cat completely, wrap it in a large towel and pat it dry.

Step 7

The cat can be dried with a hair dryer or in vivo.

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