How Often Can A Cat Give Birth?

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How Often Can A Cat Give Birth?
How Often Can A Cat Give Birth?

Video: How Often Can A Cat Give Birth?

Video: How Often Can A Cat Give Birth?
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A typical cat can give birth several times a year. Her fertility can be related to several factors, such as breed. The season, physiology, nutrition and other important nuances also affect.

How often does a cat have kittens?
How often does a cat have kittens?

To properly care for your pet, you need to know as much as possible about the type of animal and its breed. If a cat has appeared in the house, it is important to know at what age she will have her first kittens, and how often she can give birth. Many factors affect a feline offspring. The most common ones are:

• habitat;

• nutritional features;

• season;

• health and genetic characteristics of the female;

• cat breed.

Which breeds have the earliest kittens

All felines do not reach puberty overnight. The East Shorthair and Siamese breeds are considered record holders in this. In these cats, the first estrus begins as early as 3-3.5 months, when for most other females the norm is 7-9 months.

Colourpoints, Persian and feral cats bring the first litter later than all. Their heat does not begin earlier than 10-18 months. If the animal lives on the street, kittens of such a cat will appear in about a year.

The delay is associated with constantly changing environmental conditions, irregular and poor-quality nutrition, stressful situations for the body. This includes threats to life from vehicles, other animals, people, as well as hunger and cold / heat. Domestic cats, living in love and care, do not waste energy and strength in search of food and shelter, therefore they mature earlier.

The most relevant breeding season for all females of the feline family is spring. Daylight hours increase, it becomes warmer. The body of cats reacts to such changes quite strongly. Even if the female spends most of her time in a shaded room, it can delay her estrus a little. The presence of other animals of the same species nearby can be a factor for sexual maturity. If your pet has other females / males in the company, the pet's body will react earlier.

It often happens that cats bring offspring in the middle of winter or at the peak of summer, then it is much more difficult for her - it is difficult to find food and water in such conditions. For pets, seasonality does not play a big role in the condition of kittens.

Nuances of fertility pets

Cats of all breeds are super fit. This means that a female can mate with several cats in one estrus. Thus, she will have kittens from one or more males. The most prolific breeds include Burmese, Russian Blue, Oriental, Asian and Siamese cats.

On average, a female brings from one to five kittens in one pregnancy. She can give birth 2-3 times a year. Throughout her life, a female can bear and feed about a hundred kittens.

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