How To Give Birth To A British Cat

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How To Give Birth To A British Cat
How To Give Birth To A British Cat

Video: How To Give Birth To A British Cat

Video: How To Give Birth To A British Cat
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Unfortunately, cats are not always able to give birth to kittens on their own. In the worst cases, it may even require veterinarian assistance to rescue the animal and the cubs. It is important to remember that if the pregnancy of a British cat lasts longer than 60-65 days, there is a possibility that the kittens will be too large, and then the owner will have to give birth to his pet.

How to give birth to a British cat
How to give birth to a British cat

It is necessary

Box, clean diapers


Step 1

Calculate your estimated due date. On average, pregnancy in cats lasts about 60-70 days. Remember when was mating, add the average gestational age, and you will get the approximate date of birth of kittens.

Step 2

Prepare the birthing site and make sure someone in the household can look after the cat and help her if needed. It is advisable that at the right time you have the opportunity to take time off from work and take delivery of your pet.

Step 3

Provide your British cat with a good birthing environment. Place clean diapers in a specially prepared box. Make sure that the room is warm and quiet so that strangers and loud noises do not interfere with the expectant mother. The fact is that it is very important for a British cat to feel protected at the time of birth. Otherwise, labor may be delayed or even stopped until the animal calms down.

Step 4

Don't worry, otherwise your pet will start to worry too. When the contractions begin, you will immediately notice the undulating movements inside the abdomen of the expectant mother. Carefully and gently stroke the cat, talk to her in a quiet, affectionate voice. Do not leave your cat alone, calm it down if it starts to rush and meow loudly.

Step 5

Monitor your cat. After a while, the contractions will turn into attempts, and you will see how the first kitten is born. If the kitten cannot be born in any way - it sticks out a little, then disappears again - lubricate the hole with Vaseline so that it is easier for the cat to push the baby out. If that doesn't help, gently grab the kitten's skin and slowly pull it out. In no case do not take him by the paws, head and other parts of the body, because you can injure or even kill a fragile newborn!

Step 6

Pay attention to how the cat is taking care of the baby. If the kitten was born in a bubble, and the cat did not chew it right away, quickly take scissors and carefully cut the film. Remove the kitten from it, remove the mucus from the nostrils and mouth. If the kitten is not breathing, bend its body, pressing its head to its hind legs, straighten it and bend it again. Repeat this several times.

Step 7

Be sure to follow the appearance of the afterbirth: how many kittens were born, so many should be afterbirth. The cat should be allowed to eat 1-2 afterbirths, but the rest must be thrown away so that the new mother does not vomit and diarrhea does not start.

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