Is It True That Cats Heal People?

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Is It True That Cats Heal People?
Is It True That Cats Heal People?

Video: Is It True That Cats Heal People?

Video: Is It True That Cats Heal People?
Video: Can Cats purring heal you - 🐱 - 6 amazing facts about how purring in cats affect humans! 2023, March

Bioenergy scientists claim that cats are not only able to see the human aura, but also have the ability to somehow correct it.

Is it true that cats heal people?
Is it true that cats heal people?

Unbelievable, but it is a fact

It is believed that the disease appears first at the level of the biological field, and then in the physical body. It is the violations associated with the energy balance of a person (both excess and lack of energy) that contribute to the occurrence of various diseases.

Back in the 19th century, scientists conducted research related to the study of the energy of cats. Experimental results have confirmed that cats can help treat diseases in humans. This is due to the fact that the energetics of cats is very close to that of humans; as a result of communication with the animal, bioenergetic exchange occurs.

Cats are very sensitive to the energy of the owner, this allows them to find the focus of the disease and act on the sore spot. A cat is an intelligent and independent doctor, only she herself decides how to help in the best way. These animals process negative and sick energy, passing it through themselves. There are even cases when cats, taking the negativity out of the house or trying to cure a hopelessly sick owner, died themselves.

Statistics say that a person who has a cat at home is much less likely to seek the services of a doctor.

The cat is popularly called the "four-legged healer", because many have felt their healing effects on themselves.

Healer cats

Scientists from Switzerland have found that cats have receptors in their noses that are very sensitive to the "smell" of diseases. Experts believe that if it was possible to create an amazing apparatus based on the work of animal receptors, then the diagnosis of the human body would be much easier.

This would make it possible to detect diseases at an early stage of development and prevent the serious consequences of diseases.

Cats are able to treat the sore spots of the owner, if only she has a trusting relationship with him, some cats are next to the patient for several hours. Each cat breed has a different effect on its “patients”. But nevertheless, there is a certain tendency in the specialization of mustachioed doctors.

Cats with short or no hair do an excellent job with gastritis, gynecological problems, and diseases of the urinary system. Owners of long hair help to reduce human irritability and depression, Persian cats "cure" joint diseases. Moreover, it turns out that yard cats have a more pronounced therapeutic effect than domestic cats.

Each mustachioed doctor is a bright individual, and if your pet has become a "family doctor", you should achieve complete respect in the relationship between the cat and the household.

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