What Are The Features Of Scottish Fold Kittens?

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What Are The Features Of Scottish Fold Kittens?
What Are The Features Of Scottish Fold Kittens?

Video: What Are The Features Of Scottish Fold Kittens?

Video: What Are The Features Of Scottish Fold Kittens?
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Nice little face and powerful paws. This is the first thing that catches the eye and is remembered at the sight of Scottish kittens.

scottish kittens
scottish kittens

The Scottish Fold cat appeared relatively recently and is not yet recognized in all countries of the world. But this breed has already won the hearts of many people. These plush kittens with a cute face and snuggled ears will win hearts once and for all.

scottish kittens
scottish kittens

They have their own physiological characteristics

  • Body. Developed proportionally and has smooth lines.
  • Legs. Most often of medium length with strong muscles. The foot building is wide, thanks to which they can stand or sit on them for a long time as a person.
  • Tail. Long and tapered. No kinks or hooks.
  • Head. Round with plush cheeks. The muzzle is neither flattened nor elongated. Even as adults, they have a childish facial expression.
  • Eyes. Large and round. The color varies depending on the coat color.
  • Ears. Small and triangular. Pinned to the head if Scottish Fold or straight if Scottish Straight.
scottish kittens
scottish kittens

Formally, kittens of this breed are divided into 2 types. At the moment, there is no clear division into subspecies. Most often they are divided according to the ears and the length of the coat

By the type of ears:

  • Scottish Fold. Fold in translation from English means "fold, bend", which actually reflects its main feature in the name of the breed - a fold on the ears.
  • "Scottish Straight." They are not recognized as a separate breed and do not participate in exhibitions, however, they fully fall under the specified standards. There is one difference - their ears do not hang, but stand, like those of ordinary cats.

For healthy offspring, breeders cross these two subspecies. Otherwise, genetic diseases may occur.

According to wool, among the Scots there are:

  • Shorthair Scottish Fold. Wool - a classic plush, formed due to the same length of thick awn and thick undercoat.
  • Long-haired Scottish Fold cat. The subspecies are also called "Highland Fold". The coat is elongated, silky, with a soft, dense undercoat. Some breeders try to breed the longhaired subspecies as a separate line, but in general, as with the shape of the ears, the corresponding gene can appear in any kitten.

It is quite difficult to predict what kind of offspring your cat or cat will have. It all depends on how the genes manifest themselves. You can get kittens with lowered ears and with normal ones.

scottish kittens
scottish kittens

Description of the breed

The Scottish and British breeds are very similar both in appearance and in breed characteristics. But it is worth recalling that the Scotland appeared only 50 years ago.

  • Weight. From 3 kg to 6 kg. There are also larger cats up to 8-9 kg.
  • Height. Height at the withers is 28-32 cm on average. The physique is proportional.
  • Color. The WCF (World Cat Federation) standard allows any color. The requirements of the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) are a little tougher, excluding several popular colors: purple, chocolate and colorpoint.
  • Life expectancy. On average, Scots live about 15 years. If you carefully monitor the health of the pet and he does not have hereditary diseases, then Scottish Fold cats live up to 20 years
  • Character. Kittens of this breed are distinguished by their exceptional friendliness and calm character. Adult pets are often phlegmatic and would rather just lie on the couch. They are quite lazy, but they like to sit in their arms. Little kittens are very active and love to play, especially with your legs.
  • Intelligence. The Scots are smart enough, they easily adapt to the rules and regulations adopted in the house, they quickly master the tray and the scratching post. But it is worth the first time to carefully monitor where your pet goes to the toilet. Sometimes it can be difficult for kittens to find a place.
  • The size of an adult Scottish Fold is average. The cats are large, with a stocky body, broad chest, shoulders and pelvis. Cats are miniature, with narrow bones, making the animal graceful and graceful. The character of the Scots is soft and affectionate. They are quick-witted, but not prone to training and advanced training. These cats know how to cheat and manipulate their owner.

In general, Scottish kittens are friendly. There is no natural aggression and anger in them. It is enough to pay attention to it for at least a few minutes a day. Play with him, talk and don't get angry with him. Then they will answer you with love and affection.

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