How To Domesticate A Wild Animal

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How To Domesticate A Wild Animal
How To Domesticate A Wild Animal

Video: How To Domesticate A Wild Animal

Video: How To Domesticate A Wild Animal
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Before you start domesticating a wild animal, you need to get as much information about it as possible. What the animal eats, what it is like in everyday life, do you need any special adaptations for it. And only after that, catch and start taming.

How to domesticate a wild animal
How to domesticate a wild animal

It is necessary

  • -cell;
  • -feed and water;
  • -tray.


Step 1

It is better to start domestication of the animal at a young age. If an adult has already come to you, keep it in a cage or pen for the first time. Do not allow her to harm the person. Avoid situations that can scare the beast. Avoid harsh sounds, bright lighting, aggressive behavior, and unpleasant odors.

Step 2

If the animal is hiding, then you should not try to get it. When the fear has passed, it will come out on its own. Organize a burrow-type shelter. At first, the beast will have no appetite. It is possible that he will not eat or drink for several days. Give him what he loves regularly, even if you throw it away uneaten later. The animal must have constant access to fresh water.

Step 3

Spend a lot of time with your pet. Talk to him. The first days do not touch it. This could be dangerous for you. Notice the place where the animal directs its needs. Place the litter tray in there. Transfer animal excrement into it several times. After a while, the animal will walk into the tray by itself.

Step 4

After adaptation has passed, release the animal from the cage. But restrict going outside so it doesn't run away. This will be another stress for the beast, so do not try to touch it. Let him walk freely throughout the house. After a few minutes, put the animal back in the cage.

Step 5

Increase your walking time the next day. When the animal gets used to being outside the walls of the cage, start taming it to yourself. Be prepared that at first the animal may bite or scratch you. Try giving him something tasty. But don't hand-feed. If the animal begins to eat in your presence, this is a significant progress. Encourage with affectionate words.

Step 6

Next time, try petting and spoon feeding. When you are sure that it picks up food neatly, try hand-feeding. Gradually accustom the animal to yourself, pet it and talk to it.

Step 7

After some more time, take the animal in your arms, at least for a couple of minutes. This should be done confidently, but not rudely. Make it clear to the beast that you are its master, but there is no need to be afraid of you. While the animal is in your arms, give it a treat. Gradually increase your communication time. After a while, the animal will be domesticated. This can take from several days to several years. Depending on his character.

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