How To Raise A Cat

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How To Raise A Cat
How To Raise A Cat

Video: How To Raise A Cat

Video: How To Raise A Cat
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Bringing home a kitten, the owner hopes that it will grow into an intelligent, obedient and affectionate animal that will delight him for many years. However, often from cute lumps, uncontrollable cats turn out, which crap wherever they please and scratch family members. How to raise a good cat?

How to raise a cat
How to raise a cat

It is necessary

  • - food for a kitten;
  • - tray and filler to it;
  • - spray bottle, syringe or water gun.


Step 1

For different breeds of cats, the optimal age also differs when a kitten can be weaned from its mother. Outbred babies can be adopted into a new family as soon as they learn to eat solid food on their own, that is, in about a month and a half. Long-haired cats mature more slowly, so it is better to take a three to four month old kitten.

Step 2

After the kitten has appeared in your house, you should explain the rules of behavior to him. Although cats are difficult to train, you should accustom him to the forbidding word ("no" or "fu"), after hearing which, the animal will stop the action unwanted by the owner. At first, the command should be reinforced with a stream of water directed from a spray bottle, syringe or water gun at the kitten. Do not hit the baby under any circumstances, otherwise he will be afraid of you. When the jet gets into the kitten, he will not associate its appearance with you.

Step 3

In order not to bump into puddles throughout the apartment, the cat should be trained to use the litter box. If the breeder has already toilet trained babies, ask him where they used to go: cat litter, sand or newspaper. Place the tray in a secluded area. As soon as the kitten pees on your floor, moisten a piece of paper and put it in the toilet - this way the animal will better understand what is required of him. As soon as you notice that the cat wants out of necessity, carry him to the litter box and do not let him go out until he does his business. Then praise the animal.

Step 4

The health and longevity of a cat depends on proper nutrition. If you decide to feed your cat "natural", this does not mean that you can give him food from your table - it contains salt and spices that are harmful to the animal. If you prefer dry food, choose a species based on the age, activity level and breed of the animal. Ask the breeder what he fed the kittens, and follow his recommendations for several days, gradually transferring the animal to food that is convenient for you to give. If you choose the optimal diet, you will be able to raise a healthy and beautiful cat.

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