Names Of Dogs Of Small Boys

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Names Of Dogs Of Small Boys
Names Of Dogs Of Small Boys

Video: Names Of Dogs Of Small Boys

Video: Names Of Dogs Of Small Boys
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Choosing a nickname for a small-breed boy's dog is not an easy task. After all, it should not only please the owner himself, but also be sonorous, short, corresponding to the character of the pet.

Names of dogs of small breeds of boys
Names of dogs of small breeds of boys

Before moving on to choosing a name, remember:

  • You cannot name the dog before it appears in the house. What if a small dog, which you gave a serious nickname, turns out to have a very light and playful character?
  • Dogs should not be given human names.
  • The nickname should consist of 2 syllables, no more. Longer words, these pets still do not remember.

What names can I choose for little boys dogs?

These are such nicknames as:


Funtik, Guppy, Fixik, Luntik, Pluto, Zero, Krosh, Smurfi, Umka, Patrick, etc.


Bagel, Wolfe, Watson, Harry, Hercules, Zorro, Murphy, Erast, Terrible.


Clay Aiken - border terrier Rayleigh

Jennifer Aniston - Norman Corgi Terrier

Eva Longoria - Maltese lapdog Jinksy

Mickey Rourke - Chihuahua Lucky

Audrey Hepburn - Yorkshire Terrier Mr. Fameus

Beyonce - Shih Tzu Muncie


Agusha (why not?), Boni, Booba, Impudent, Smiley, Tube, Tsatsa, Shpulya, Yandex.


Almond, Truffle, Bagel, Cake, Nut, Peach, Lemon, Gingerbread.


Viscount, Louis, Marquis, Milord, Prince, Richard, Tudor, Franz, Pharaoh, Tsar, Caesar.

What other nicknames can you give?

Diamond, Altai, Cupid, Angel, Bertie, Beads, Bambi, Baksik, Bow, Bunya, Watson, Gucci, Dandy, Jojo, Zorro, Tooth, Hoarfrost, Knop, Buttercup, Lucky, Milo, Kid, Neon, Orion, Oscar, Oddi, Fluff, Partos, Picker, Pixel, Roby, Rustic, Star, Snowball, Smok, Trezor, Tyson, Tutti, Tobik, Coal, Fantik, Funtik, Fi-Fi, Phil, Citrus, Charlie, Elf, Amber.

Alternatively, you can come up with a name for your little friend yourself. Just remember that the name should also match the appearance of the dog. You should not call a cute and funny dog Caesar. Just like a serious doggie with an insolent or Smiley face.

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