What Are Shepherd Dogs

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What Are Shepherd Dogs
What Are Shepherd Dogs

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Video: What Are Shepherd Dogs
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There are more than 40 species of shepherd dogs in the world. All breeds may differ in appearance, but one thing unites them - all shepherd dogs were bred as working dogs to help humans.

What are shepherd dogs
What are shepherd dogs


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The word "shepherd" has one root with the word "sheepfold". The first species of shepherd dogs were bred as shepherd dogs. They protected flocks of sheep from wolves and strangers. Until now, all shepherd dogs are considered indispensable helpers in their business.

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The German Shepherd is considered the most common dog. Her versatility, complaisance and obedience played a role. These dogs are recruited into the army, security and police. In relations with children, they showed themselves from the best side. This shepherd dog learns to train with ease. All these breed qualities testify to the high popularity of the German Shepherd.

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The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is the largest of all shepherd dogs. Its weight can reach up to 70 kg. Fearlessness and determination, these are the main qualities of this breed, which makes it possible to use these dogs in the protection of large objects and private houses. This breed needs to be trained. Often, this shepherd dog chooses one owner from all family members.

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The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is distinguished by a calm disposition, but in case of danger to the owner or his home, he will be rejected and fearlessly defend the protected property. Alabai or Turkmen wolfhound are other names for the Asian. This breed is at the peak of its popularity.

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The South Russian Shepherd Dog was bred to guard and graze flocks. Outwardly, it looks like a big sheep. The long, curly white coat hides an athletic dog that is ready to fight the wolf at any time. Now this breed is of low polarity.

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Collie. In the 90s, few people dreamed of becoming the owner of a collie. This is the most beautiful and elegant breed. The long muzzle and thick red coat give it a fox-like appearance. Now this breed has passed from a service breed to a companion dog. Easy to train and gets along perfectly with children. This dog was often used as a guide for visually impaired people.

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The Swiss Shepherd is considered a dog that is not inclined to aggression, but at the same time is always ready to protect its territory. Outwardly, it looks like a German shepherd, only white.

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The Belgian Shepherd is a cheerful and energetic dog. She is perfectly trained and is always ready to carry out any commands and tasks. Has an instant reaction, which allows this breed to serve in the police.

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All types of shepherd dogs are distinguished by special obedience to the owner, devotion and willingness to carry out their service at any time.

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