What Breed Of Dog Is The Kindest

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What Breed Of Dog Is The Kindest
What Breed Of Dog Is The Kindest

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Video: What Breed Of Dog Is The Kindest
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Before adopting a dog as a pet, many parents think about which breed is the friendliest. It should be noted that often it is from the upbringing of a pet that his disposition to people depends. Therefore, the ratings of the most evil and kind dogs are often headed by the same breeds.

What breed of dog is the kindest
What breed of dog is the kindest


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If you decide to have a dog for a child, you need to be guided by such breed traits as non-dominant leadership qualities, controllability, and the ability to obey. Many years of research by specialists in this field have made it possible to compile a rating of the kindest dogs with these qualities.

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The Golden Retriever took first place in the ranking. This is a loyal, sociable, affectionate dog that adores children. This breed absolutely calmly gets along with other pets, without trying to dominate. They easily and naturally learn everything, often becoming wonderful nannies for children.

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On the second line of the ranking of the kindest dog breeds - St. Bernards. Despite the rather impressive size of the pet, these are very peaceful and obedient dogs. They play with great pleasure and spend time with children.

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Next on the list of the kindest dog breeds is the Labrador Retriever. This is a very loyal dog. He quickly becomes attached to the owners and seeks to please them in everything. This breed lends itself well to training. It is a friendly, intelligent and family dog that requires a lot of attention as a true family member. He quickly remembers relatives and friends.

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The Basset Hound is an equally friendly breed of dog. They are also very obedient. One can say about this dog - "an eternal teenager", a little capricious, mischievous, but never boring. This breed loves society, both animals and people.

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The Irish Setter is an energetic and very playful dog breed. With great pleasure he communicates with children, becoming their excellent companions in a variety of games. Dogs of this breed are always ready to go for a walk and learn everything easily. This is a calm, affectionate and friendly dog that needs some activity in life: running, jogging on a bike.

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Collies get along well with children of different ages. They are very intelligent and gentle dogs. They also lend themselves well to education and training. They do not mind running and are always playful. Such a dog can be bought for a small child, helping him to train and educate her.

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Newfoundlands are very kind to people. For their patience with children, affection and tenderness, they are even called "babysitters." They are always in sight.

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Unusually intelligent and affectionate poodles. They get along excellently even with the smallest children. In addition, it is the safest dog breed for allergy sufferers.

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