How To Set Up A Guinea Pig Cage

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How To Set Up A Guinea Pig Cage
How To Set Up A Guinea Pig Cage

Video: How To Set Up A Guinea Pig Cage

Video: How To Set Up A Guinea Pig Cage
Video: How To: SET UP A GUINEA PIG CAGE | Hamster HorsesandCats 2023, March

Guinea pigs are sociable, friendly animals. They get used to the owner very much, and children with such a pet will definitely not get bored! Pigs are quiet, docile and very calm, if you don't let them get bored. Before you start such an animal, you need to pick up and equip it with a decent home in which it will feel good.

Guinea pig
Guinea pig

It is necessary

  • - spacious cage;
  • - drinking bowl;
  • - Bowl;
  • - a place to sleep;
  • - entertainment (toy);
  • - tray / comfortable corner;
  • - a manger for hay;
  • - wood shavings;
  • - rubber mats (optional).


Step 1

Select a cell and its location. Avoid the wooden box as guinea pigs are very fearful of drafts. The cage should be at least 90 cm x 40 cm x 38 cm in size. Pigs are much more important horizontal space than vertical. Cages with floors are all the more not intended for these animals. The pet's dwelling should be at least 30 cm from the wall and 40 cm from the heater. Also, in the place where the cage stands, the thermometer should show at least 19-20 degrees. It is best if it is a place where people often appear.

Step 2

Fill the cage with pellet or sawdust litter. Never put paper or newspaper in it - the pig may be poisoned! If desired, place rubber mats with suitable perforated holes on top of the filler. Then the cage will be cleaner.

Step 3

Place a tray in the cage that you will clean regularly. It may simply be a padded seal located in a convenient corner. It is better if the pig chooses this place by itself. To do this, track where your pet likes to go to the toilet.

Step 4

Hang a drinker in the cage. It should be located at such a level that the pig can reach it, but at the same time the filler does not get into it. The water needs to be changed every day, regardless of whether the pet drank it.

Step 5

Place the bowl down. It is desirable that it be ceramic. Pigs like it when the bowl is wide and shallow. It should be located as far away from the tray as possible. Also set up a hay nursery in the opposite corner from the toilet.

Step 6

Install toys and entertainment in the cage in addition to those you will play with your pet when it starts to run in the wild. This could be a grindstone, a roll of toilet paper, or a small box. Pigs love pouches the same size as themselves.

Step 7

The place to sleep should be comfortable. It is better not to take houses, then the animals will huddle there and become more closed. This can be, for example, a hammock, in which it can be convenient for a pig not only to sleep comfortably, but also to crawl under it. It can also be a soft tunnel or a comfortable and soft bedding.

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