How To Make A Cat And A Dog Friends

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How To Make A Cat And A Dog Friends
How To Make A Cat And A Dog Friends

Video: How To Make A Cat And A Dog Friends

Video: How To Make A Cat And A Dog Friends
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The proverb “live like a cat and a dog” did not appear out of nowhere. Mutual understanding between these animals is not very good. Nevertheless, a cat and a dog can get along quite well if you approach their upbringing and joint maintenance more consciously.

How to make a cat and a dog friends
How to make a cat and a dog friends


Step 1

The ideal option for starting a cat and dog life on the same territory is the young age of both animals. A puppy and a kitten can, after some time, necessary for getting used to, find in each other comrades in joint games, and then grow together amicably and cheerfully.

If one of the animals is already an adult, then a lot depends on his life experience in relation to cats or dogs. Adulthood will make their peaceful coexistence even more difficult. If a cat is used to fighting dogs, and a dog is chasing cats, then you should not wait for a good attitude to a newly arrived pet from the doorway. It will take a lot of patience and careful looking after both animals.

Step 2

It will be better if you isolate the “beginner” in a separate room for the first time, arranging introductory meetings with the second animal for a while. It is better for the dog to wear a leash during such meetings so that it can be easily caught if it rushes on the cat. Pet, soothe, and approve of both animals. But try to pay more attention to the “old-timer” so that he does not have reasons for jealousy.

Step 3

Do not be upset, seeing at first from the side of the cat and the dog manifestations of aggression towards each other. They need to designate each other's territory, to show that they will not let themselves be offended. Gradually, the animals will get used to living together, learn to avoid conflicts and trauma. All this time they will need your attention and support. Try not to be nervous in the presence of animals, because they are very sensitive to your mood. Do not push your cat and dog towards each other if they prefer to keep their distance. They must decide for themselves at what moment and how far to approach each other.

Step 4

Make sure that each animal has its own resting area and its own bowl for food and water, standing far enough from each other, and ideally in different places. Also try to place the cat litter in a secluded place where the dog cannot poke his nose. In this case, the cat and the dog will have no reason to violate each other's territory, which will reduce the reasons for conflicts. However, this does not exclude the possibility that when the animals become friends, they will sleep side by side on the same bedding. Cats are usually well aware that a dog's flank can be a good warmer.

Step 5

The dog can express its kind disposition towards the cat by wagging its tail and inviting to play, although, perhaps, the cat will not immediately understand what they want from it. Watch out for cooperative animal play, especially if your pets are a large dog and a kitten. The dog, despite his best intentions, may not calculate the strength and cause injury to the baby. And cat claws can leave quite painful scratches on a dog's nose.

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