How To Wash Decorative Rats

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How To Wash Decorative Rats
How To Wash Decorative Rats

Decorative rats are wonderful pets. They are smart, friendly and clean. Cleaning and grooming takes a long time during the day, but sometimes rats may need extra bathing. Many rats do not like to swim, water causes fear, provokes panic and even aggression, frequent washing leads to constant stress. Pets are taught to bathe gradually.

How to wash decorative rats
How to wash decorative rats

It is necessary

Two basins, a large towel or a piece of cloth, baby soap or shampoo for bathing kittens, hair dryer


Step 1

Rats that are afraid of water should be bathed in two containers filled with 2-4 cm of water. Water reaching up to the neck will cause panic, the rat will stubbornly pull out. Loud sounds should also be avoided. Without making any sudden movements, carefully place the pet in the first container of water at a temperature of 30-35 ° C. Start pouring water on the withers and back of the rat from the palm of your hand, lather your hands and gently rub the fur, take the rat in your hands to wash the abdomen and tail. To wash the wool from soap, use a second container with clean water. If necessary, change the water after the first rinse.

Step 2

Some decorative rats tolerate bathing well or even love it, play with water and the owner's hands, but this is rather an exception. These pets can be washed under running water directly from the tap. Watch the water temperature carefully.

Step 3

After bathing, the rat's hair must be thoroughly dried. Soft towels and a moisture-wicking fabric are great for removing excess moisture. Wrap the pet in a towel, rub lightly along the growth of the coat. In the presence of a warm dry nest, this is enough, the rat will dry the fur itself and bring it to the desired form. If the animal lives in an open cage, more careful attention should be paid to drying the wool. Use the hair dryer with care so as not to scare the rat. You can use the hair dryer only at minimum power, keeping it at a distance of at least 15-20 cm. Make sure that the air jet is not too hot, directing it to the inner bend of the elbow.

Step 4

In male rats, greasy layers sometimes form on their backs, they do not require washing, it is enough to wipe the pet's back with a damp cloth from time to time.

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