How To Put A Leash On Your Cat

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How To Put A Leash On Your Cat
How To Put A Leash On Your Cat

If you have a cat, you probably know how great her natural curiosity and craving is to find out what is happening outside the door of the house or apartment. If the area where you live allows, take your pet for walks. But don't forget about safety. Remember that walking your cat off a leash can be difficult to get out of trouble. Harsh sounds, dogs, strangers - all this can scare the cat and provoke it to escape.

How to put a leash on your cat
How to put a leash on your cat


Step 1

At the pet store you can purchase a special device for walking your cat - a harness. The harness is very easy to use, but it can be quite difficult to understand how it is put on the first time.

The standard harness is made of nylon tape with a felt lining and looks like a closed ring with a strap attached to it. Thanks to the regulator, you can change the size of the ring depending on the size of your cat. With the help of a carabiner, a leash is additionally attached to the harness.

Step 2

The ring must be put on the cat's neck over the head. In this case, the harness itself must be positioned in such a way that the carabiner for attaching the leash is on top, and the jumper connecting the ring with the strap is between the cat's front paws.

Step 3

Carefully slide the animal's right paw into the space between the ring and the strap.

Step 4

And pass the free end of the strap under the left paw and fasten. The clasp is located next to the leash carabiner attachment point.

Step 5

the cat felt comfortable in it. Place the animal on its feet and check that the ring and strap are not pinching the throat and armpits. At the same time, the harness should fit snugly enough to prevent the cat from pulling out. Loosen or tighten the strap as needed. Attach a leash to the harness.

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